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Some sort of multicloud dashboard/interface for personal use styles. So cloud file storage, file editing, media viewing.
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yesterday by asteroza
A Modest Guide to Productivity by Frank Chimero
"A person is not a brain driving a meat robot; it all runs together. If work is stymied, ask: are you eating clean? Getting enough sleep? Did your heart pump more than a sloth today? Start with your body, not your work methods. Trust me."
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yesterday by guy | Best Articles
I decided to put together a selected list of my writing over the last ten years organized thematically by subject. There is a lot more in the archives on this site, on Thought Catalog and on the New York Observer but this should be enough to get you started. Enjoy!
yesterday by foliovision
To Everyone Who Asks For ‘Just A Little’ Of Your Time: Here’s What It Costs To Say Yes
Paul Graham has a famous essay about managers vs makers. There are two ways to run your life, he says. Managers know that their day is divided up in pieces for meetings, calls, and administrative tasks. Makers, on the other hand, need to have large blocks of uninterrupted, unscheduled time to do what they do. To create and think.
yesterday by foliovision
Evernote for Personal Organization – Evernote Help & Learning
6 ways to organize your personal life using Evernote Use Evernote for your everyday tasks, such as creating to-do lists, keeping...
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yesterday by BiteSize77
Schema: Organise, Share and Learn
I upvoted Schema on Product Hunt: Organize, share and learn by adding structure to knowledge 🤓
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