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Cryptoeconomics: An Introduction
I upvoted Cryptoeconomics: An Introduction on Product Hunt: An expert lecture series on cryptoeconomics
ProductHunt  Education  Cryptocurrencies  An  expert  lecture  series  on  cryptoeconomics 
6 days ago by glitchwitch
Arist: the SMS university.
I upvoted Arist on Product Hunt: The SMS university. Education made easy.
ProductHunt  Messaging  Education  The  SMS  university.  made  easy. 
6 days ago by glitchwitch
I upvoted oorja on Product Hunt: Quick and 100% private video chat and collaboration
ProductHunt  Web  App  Tech  Quick  and  100%  private  video  chat  collaboration 
6 days ago by glitchwitch
I upvoted uLouder on Product Hunt: Modern Craigslist and Nextdoor for urban nomads
ProductHunt  iPhone  Tech  Modern  Craigslist  and  Nextdoor  for  urban  nomads 
10 days ago by glitchwitch
LOU Assistant
I upvoted LOU on Product Hunt: Interactive tutorials for effortless HubSpot onboarding
ProductHunt  Productivity  CSM  Tools  Email  Marketing  Education  Interactive  tutorials  for  effortless  HubSpot  onboarding 
10 days ago by glitchwitch
Garden: Stay in Touch on the App Store
I upvoted Garden on Product Hunt: Reminders to stay in touch with friends, family and network
ProductHunt  Productivity  Social  Media  Tools  Virtual  Assistants  Reminders  to  stay  in  touch  with  friends  family  and  network 
10 days ago by glitchwitch
I upvoted Wozber on Product Hunt: Smart resume builder that will make your job hunt easy.
ProductHunt  Web  App  Hiring  and  Recruiting  Design  Tools  Productivity  Bots  Tech  Smart  resume  builder  that  will  make  your  job 
10 days ago by glitchwitch
Companies | CreativeGuild
I upvoted CreativeGuild™ on Product Hunt: The LinkedIn for the creative world.
ProductHunt  Design  Tools  Marketing  The  LinkedIn  for  creative  world. 
10 days ago by glitchwitch
I upvoted Sift on Product Hunt: Find shows that are similar to your favorites
ProductHunt  Web  App  Video  Streaming  Movies  TV  Netflix  Find  shows  that  are  similar  to  your  favorites 
10 days ago by glitchwitch
A simple tracking and management tool
for freelancers. Free tier with 5 project limit, $3/month or $28/year for unlimited, $99 lifetime access option
Freelance  Productivity  DesignTools  DevTools  producthunt 
12 days ago by DillonIanCarter
Insync: A Mini Desktop File Manager For Your Google Drive
I upvoted Insync 1.4 on Product Hunt: Transform Google Drive into a desktop app (Win/Linux/macOS)
ProductHunt  Linux  Windows  Mac  Productivity  Tech  Transform  Google  Drive  into  a  desktop  app  (Win/Linux/macOS) 
13 days ago by glitchwitch
Brutally Honest Feedback With Actionable Advice - Brutal Teardowns
I upvoted Brutal Teardowns on Product Hunt: Get honest feedback and actionable advice for your website
ProductHunt  Sales  User  Experience  Marketing  Tech  Get  honest  feedback  and  actionable  advice  for  your  website 
13 days ago by glitchwitch
Capsulelink | Group, save and send links as one.
I upvoted Capsulelink on Product Hunt: Group, save and send links as one
ProductHunt  Productivity  Messaging  Group  save  and  send  links  as  one 
13 days ago by glitchwitch

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