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How to name your product
Sleepless nights, verbal spasms, and stressed hand-wringing. These are the afflictions of a product designer trying to christen her product. When I have an idea I’m serious about, naming it tends to be something of a bottleneck: I can never quite push on in earnest with development till it’s called something.
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4 days ago by DillonIanCarter
No, Google’s Pixel Buds won’t change the world | 1843
However effective a gadget is, it will fail if it makes its user feel like a chump.
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5 days ago by toastednut
Buy a Feature
"Which feature will entice customers to purchase your product? Which feature will cause customers to upgrade? Which feature will make customers so happy that they’ll ignore or tolerate the features that they wish you would fix or remove?"
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13 days ago by garrettc
Table Of Contents — The Field Study Handbook
The Field Study Handbook is the comprehensive how-to, why-to guide to
running international field research projects.
userresearch  productdesign 
18 days ago by ericaheinz
GE’s Predix Design System – GE Design – Medium
Our first design system at GE, created in 2012, was similar to many design systems you find on the Internet today. It was designed to appeal to and support a broad audience within GE and contained a…
mps  designsystems  productdesign 
28 days ago by ericaheinz
Modes of Criticism
Modes of Criticism is a design research platform, magazine and graphic design studio, based in Porto, Portugal.
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4 weeks ago by ericaheinz
RT : design must shift its focus away from interfaces and towards systems to continue shaping te…
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4 weeks ago by hxrts

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