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We help companies design products for mobile & beyond. Our studio is located in Brooklyn, NY.
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2 days ago by ericaheinz
[New Episode] 036: No Designer Left Behind with Nick Finck ()
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2 days ago by brycej
Tropical Bird Pencil Holder by BKID | Colossal
Industrial design studio BKID conceived of this lovely wooden bird pencil holder called Tropical Bird. The object won a 2013 Red Dot Design award and you can see a view more photos over on Behance. If you liked this, also check out Moisés Hernández’s watercolor bird project.

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8 days ago by laurajnash
Teamweek: Free Visual Resource Planning, Team Calendar
Teamweek's advanced online project management tool & team planning software with effective features like task management, team calendar with sharing feature, gantt charts and more.
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13 days ago by ericaheinz
How to Make Your Website Accessible to People Who Use a Screen Magnifier
There's a lot of content out there on how to make your website accessible. But I haven't seen much on the subject of accessibility to users of screen magnifiers. I'm one of them, and I frequently run into annoying issues on the web.
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13 days ago by ericaheinz
Using UX design to reduce the risk of innovation failure
How can you design innovative products that people actually want? How can you reduce the risk of getting it wrong and avoid investing in a costly flop? How can you design innovative products that people actually want? How can you reduce the risk of getting it wrong and avoid investing in a costly flop?
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13 days ago by ericaheinz
It's degree show time again at - Congratulations to all of our 2017 graduating students.
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19 days ago by freerange_inc
Design the Beginning – The Year of the Looking Glass – Medium
See, the middle is when someone has a problem — she’s bored, she has a question, she needs to get somewhere, she wants to buy something— and voila! She whips out this New Thing we’ve designed, goes…
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4 weeks ago by ericaheinz
Understanding Information Architecture via My Bookshelf
There’s more to consider than just the titles themselves: the arrangement of the books, their wear and tear, the placement (or absence) of bookmarks sprouting from their pages — all of these…
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4 weeks ago by ericaheinz
Style Guide Guide | Style Guide Guide
Write an awesome description for your new site here. You can edit this line in _config.yml. It will appear in your document head meta (for Google search results) and in your feed.xml site description.
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4 weeks ago by johannesholmberg
Books for startups, product managers and customer support teams | Intercom
Intercom’s books feature strong opinions and hard learned lessons on product management, startups, customer support and more. Get your free copy now.
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4 weeks ago by ericaheinz

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