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On Writing Product Specs – Gaurav Oberoi
Great overview of the benefits of writing feature specs and a primer on how to go about it.
business  development  product  managemenr 
7 hours ago by acafourek
Paybear - Accept 7+ Cryptocurrencies In Minutes
Paybear on Product Hunt: Easily accept 7+ cryptocurrencies in your shop or app.
Product  Hunt  Payment  Cryptocurrencies 
8 hours ago by mikeymurph77
Mycroft Mark II: The Open Voice Assistant by Joshua Montgomery —Kickstarter
I upvoted Mycroft Mark II on Product Hunt: The open voice assistant - You're in control of your data at February 23, 2018 at 09:46AM
Product  Hunt  Internet  of  Things  Artificial  Intelligence 
8 hours ago by iamthefury
Mathew. on the App Store
I upvoted Mathew on Product Hunt: Solve math problems instantly from arithmetic to calculus at February 23, 2018 at 09:45AM
Product  Hunt  Education  Tech 
8 hours ago by iamthefury
Ways to think about customer onboarding - Inside Intercom
Context, time & behaviour…

Push - problem with existing solution
Pull - benefits to new solution
Anxiety - worries about new solution
Inertia - habits and switching costs
design  product  customer  change  company  business  context  time  behaviour 
12 hours ago by colm.mcmullan
Introducing C.A.R.E. – a simple framework for user onboarding - Inside Intercom
Convert trialists to paying customers
Activate newly paying customers
Retain paying customers
Expand their usage
product  company  customer  strategy  tactics  design  communication  sales 
12 hours ago by colm.mcmullan
is not just brilliant at all things , he is also our in-house Brazilian BBQ king! 👑…
product  from twitter_favs
18 hours ago by p.zurek
Free Usability Testing Software and Enterprise Plans | Optimal Workshop
Try the world’s leading user experience software Free, on real projects Before You Buy. Free card sorting, tree testing and click testing. Get Started Today.
information-architecture  ia  tool  user-research  product 
21 hours ago by richardsison
Três Pontas Coffee - Fresh Roasted - 12oz Bag - trespontas
 FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. ON ALL TRÊS PONTAS PRODUCTS. Our high quality beans come from the Reis Family coffee farm, located near the town of Três Pontas in Br
Product  Coffee 
yesterday by robenkleene

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