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I upvoted Zeplin 2.0 on Product Hunt: Connected space for product teams with components and more
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10 hours ago by glitchwitch
Backstage Blog - Project Necromancy - SoundCloud Developers
When resurrecting an unfinished, dormant project:

Revisit your requirements. All of them.
Revisit your existing code. All of it.
Be conscious of cognitive biases that say, “But someone decided that earlier.”
Adopt a flexible mindset. Be prepared to change course.
Communicate with stakeholders even more than usual.
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19 hours ago by junya
What we learned moving sales and product upmarket together
Focus on the problem, not the solution – Rather than prescribing what should be built, describe the roadblocks customers are coming up against.

Don’t be afraid to get granular – Be specific about the problem. For lead qualification, that might be distinguishing leads from customers or enriching email addresses.

Stack rank requests by impact – Identify which problems need to be solved first based on order of magnitude (blockers for new business or reasons for churn).
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19 hours ago by junya
How to make product improvements
Product improvement is the process of making meaningful product changes that result in new customers or increased benefits realized by existing customers. The two most popular ways to make product improvements are to add new features or improve existing ones.
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2 days ago by roboto

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