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Dungeon Generator (Part 1) - Node-Based Approach - Programming adventures
In this blog post, I’ll describe an algorithm for procedural generation of 2D dungeon levels with a predefined structure.
procgen  games 
18 days ago by amitp
Dungeon Generator
This post will outline an approach to making a dungeon generator mixing pre-made rooms and procedural rooms, which will allow arbitrary sizes and shapes of rooms. Better than telling is showing, so just look at the beautiful animation below!
procgen  games 
18 days ago by amitp
How do roguelikes generate levels? | Rock Paper Shotgun
Brogue dungeon generation is pretty cool, with many different types of areas
procgen  games 
18 days ago by amitp
Seedbank: Filtered by: generative
mostly gans for images but some good stuff in here too
generative  machinelearning  gan  procgen 
27 days ago by aparrish
Turtletoy allows you to create generative art using a minimalistic javascript Turtle graphics API. You can only create black-and-white line drawings on a square canvas. By offering a very restrictive environment we not only hope to stimulate creativity, we also make sure that the turtles can (at least theoretically) be plotted using a simple plotter.
graphics  procgen  programming 
29 days ago by athaeryn
History of Story Generation | James Ryan | updates | Research Project
not sure if there's a better central repository for this research?
narrative  procgen  history  text  poetics 
5 weeks ago by aparrish
Wave Function Collapse by marian42
An infinite, procedurally generated city, assembled out of blocks using the Wave Function Collapse algorithm.

Currently, there is no gameplay, you can only walk around and look at the scenery.
procedural  procgen  city  architecture 
8 weeks ago by AleatoricConsonance
Here Dragons Abound: The Naming of Places (Part 4): Using a Tool
So it seems like it's time to consider using a language generation tool.
map  cartography  procedural  procgen  grammar 
8 weeks ago by AleatoricConsonance
Here Dragons Abound: Lord of the Rings Map Style
I decided to see how well Dragons Abound could mimic the classic Tolkien map style.
map  cartography  procedural  procgen 
8 weeks ago by AleatoricConsonance

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