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Eric Heitz's Research Page
"We propose a new by-example noise algorithm that takes as input a small example of a stochastic texture and synthesizes an infinite output with the same appearance. It works on any kind of random-phase inputs as well as on many non-random-phase inputs that are stochastic and non-periodic, typically natural textures such as moss, granite, sand, bark, etc. Our algorithm achieves high-quality results comparable to state-of-the-art procedural-noise techniques but is more than 20 times faster."
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13 days ago by amitp
Building Calendars
Video explaining how to build calendars for your new planet - solar, lunar, day length, intercalation, month length, weeks, etc.
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4 weeks ago by amitp
Algorithmic Botany: Publications
treasure trove of papers and other resources covering l-systems and other plant growth modeling techniques.
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5 weeks ago by athaeryn
Caves of Qud history generation
This paper is normally behind a paywall but the authors have made it available
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6 weeks ago by amitp
Spent some time working on my map generator with and I improved the voronoi point generati…
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8 weeks ago by jwtulp

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