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Deadliest habits to avoid as you get older: smoking, drinking, foods - Business Insider
A handful of activities can be truly detrimental to your health. In some cases, new studies have found a link between those habits and an early death.
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29 days ago by wesselspj
via Pocket - Will Brexit happen? When? And how? The uncertainty is maddening for business. - Added March 09, 2019 at 11:22PM
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6 weeks ago by skinnymuch
NutriXiv Preprints | Ultra-processed diets cause excess calorie intake and weight gain: A one-month inpatient randomized controlled trial of ad libitum food intake
We investigated whether ultra-processed foods affect energy intake in 20 weight-stable adults, aged (mean±SE) 31.2±1.6 y and BMI=27±1.5 kg/m2. Subjects were admitted to the NIH Clinical Center and randomized to receive either ultra-processed or unprocessed diets for 2 weeks immediately followed by the alternate diet for 2 weeks. Meals were designed to be matched for presented calories, energy density, macronutrients, sugar, sodium, and fiber. Subjects were instructed to consume as much or as little as desired. Energy intake was greater during the ultra-processed diet (508±106 kcal/d; p=0.0001), with increased consumption of carbohydrate (280±54 kcal/d; p<0.0001) and fat (230±53 kcal/d; p=0.0004) but not protein (-2±12 kcal/d; p=0.85). Weight changes were highly correlated with energy intake (r=0.8, p<0.0001) with participants gaining 0.8±0.3 kg (p=0.01) during the ultra-processed diet and losing 1.1±0.3 kg (p=0.001) during the unprocessed diet. Limiting consumption of ultra-processed foods may be an effective strategy for obesity prevention and treatment. Identifier NCT03407053
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8 weeks ago by Michael.Massing
pacphi/cf-butler: My purpose in life is to cleanup stale apps and services on a Cloud Foundry foundation. I can be configured to report on and remove orphaned services and stopped app instances older than a configurable duration.
Greetings Josh (where ever on the planet you may be). Chris Phillipson here. Small favor. In your next “This week in Spring” could you give a shout out to ? It’s a Spring Boot 2.1 app that offers CF operators a way to do a bit of foundation house-keeping - endpoints for policy definition and execution plus historical reporting. 🙏 (Btw... when are you in Seattle again?)
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12 weeks ago by Starbuxman
Roman Polanski Wants 'Due Process' From the Academy - The Atlantic
via Pocket - Roman Polanski Wants 'Due Process' - Added January 23, 2019 at 06:48PM
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january 2019 by skinnymuch
Luther (TV series) - Wikipedia
via Pocket - Luther (TV series) - Added January 23, 2019 at 05:57PM
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january 2019 by skinnymuch
What does Eddie Lampert really want with tattered old Sears? - CBS News
via Pocket - What does Eddie Lampert really want with tattered old Sears? - Added January 16, 2019 at 09:32AM
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january 2019 by skinnymuch
Hallucinations and $100,000: the poker player who shut himself in a pitch-black room for weeks | Sport | The Guardian
via Pocket - Hallucinations and $100,000: the poker player who shut himself in a pitch-black room for weeks - Added January 10, 2019 at 07:47AM
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january 2019 by skinnymuch
(2) Java编程方法论——响应式篇之Reactor - YouTube
This looks to be an interesting video on using Reactor in Chinese!
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december 2018 by Starbuxman
spring-petclinic/spring-petclinic-data-jdbc: Spring Data JDBC version of the Spring Boot Petclinic
Check out this new version of the legendary [Spring Petclinic, based on the new Spring Data JDBC](_URL_)
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october 2018 by Starbuxman

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