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The Design Sprint — GV
The sprint is a 5-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing with customers. Learn to run your own sprints, and read about our book on sprints.
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12 hours ago by JohanHWB
The Mind of John McPhee
"Every writer does some version of this: gathering, assessing, sorting, writing. But McPhee takes it to an almost-superhuman extreme. 'If this sounds mechanical,' McPhee writes of his method, 'its effect was absolutely the reverse. If the contents of the seventh folder were before me, the contents of twenty-nine other folders were out of sight. Every organizational aspect was behind me. The procedure eliminated nearly all distraction and concentrated just the material I had to deal with in a given day or week. It painted me into a corner, yes, but in doing so it freed me to write.'"
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yesterday by bankbryan
A High-End Mover Dishes on Truckstop Hierarchy, Rich People, and Moby Dick
"Now the tier is about eight feet high, and I’ll be up on a ladder. The next level will be light, bulky things such as laundry hampers, cushions, and plant racks. At this point there will be a few inches open to the roof, and I’ll finish the tier with maybe an ironing board and any other flat and light stuff I can find, like bed rails. When I’m finished I should have a uniform and neat tier from floor to ceiling with no gaps or open spaces anywhere. A well-built tier is a beautiful thing to see and lots of fun to make. It’s basically a real-life, giant Tetris game with profound physical exertion incorporated into the mix. Because I have a picture of everything in the house in my head, I’ll often leave the truck to fetch a particular piece for a particular spot."
a:Finn-Murphy  p:Longreads★★  d:2017.09.21  w:6000  process  driving  from twitter
yesterday by bankbryan
Leadership & business lessons gleaned from running an “open-source soccer” club
10. Small teams can act big. The same forces that allowed Instagram’s 13-person company to get acquired by Facebook for $1 billion enable small teams to produce, for instance, a live-streaming experience that rivals the big networks for not a whole lot of money and effort.
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yesterday by colm.mcmullan
4 Key Scenarios where Data Mining Capacities in SQL Server Can be Used
The article stresses on the relevance of data mining capacities in SQL server and some of its key scenarios.
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2 days ago by DataNumen
5 Things to Do to Improve Your Creative Project Management
actually applicable for any work where requests come from a multitude of sources
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