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Just Barely Good Enough Models and Documents: An Agile Best Practice
"For some reason people think that JBGE implies that the artifact isn't very good, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. When you stop and think about it, if an artifact is JBGE then by definition it is at the most effective point that it could possibly be at."
agile  documentation  process  projectmanagement  business 
8 hours ago by garrettc
AI UX: 7 Principles of Designing Good AI Products (UX Studio)
Dávid Pásztor из UX Studio описывает важные аспекты проектирования интерфейсов продуктов, использующих алгоритмический дизайн.
UX  AI  algorithms  trends  process  issue 
11 hours ago by jvetrau
The Hard Thing About (Not So) Hard Things – John Cutler – Medium
Why is it so “hard” for some teams to learn and try relatively basic patterns? Am I biased? Am I missing something? What is difficult? Limiting work in progress is “easy”. You just do it. Only work…
agile  team  process  wip 
2 days ago by dewe
The latest trend for tech interviews: Days of unpaid homework | Hacker News

"When the whole industry complains about not being able to hire developers, it's not due to lack of engineering supply. It's due to lack of hiring ability. Most engineers, quite simply are terrible at interviewing, at least until someone gives some actual training and mentoring, but even that is quite rare."
hr  development  interview  process  coding  challenge  hn  job  experience 
3 days ago by eric.brechemier

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