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The Nebraska Problem
So these days, whenever I am working on something, no matter how insignificant, I reflexively start considering the reasons behind it. Planting grass was no different.
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april 2019 by jakobb
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september 2018 by jakobb
High-Performance Procedural Noise using a Histogram-Preserving Blending Operator -Eric Heitz
Abstract: We propose a new by-example noise algorithm that takes as input a small example of a stochastic texture and synthesizes an infinite output with the same appearance. It works on any kind of random-phase inputs as well as on many non-random-phase inputs that are stochastic and non-periodic, typically natural textures such as moss, granite, sand, bark, etc. Our algorithm achieves high-quality results comparable to state-of-the-art procedural-noise techniques but is more than 20 times faster.
paper  graphics  procedural_generation 
july 2018 by bspassov
Procedural Generation
Everything generative and procedural
april 2018 by bspassov

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