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The Washington Post: The sneaky science behind your child’s tech obsession
The ethics of creating addictive apps and what people and companies are doing about it.
ESB6  ch3  ETHICS  problems  solutions  apps 
4 days ago by jeromekatz
Wage Slave or Entrepreneur?: Contesting the Dualism of Legal Worker Identities
This Article challenges the duality of worker classification in employment regulation by positioning the employee and the independent contractor in U.S. legal history and in the lives of contemporary workers. Part I situates the debate in work law scholarship. Part II uses historical and legal archives to challenge the prevailing assumptions about the employee and independent contractor classifications in employment and labor law.
ESB6  ch18  ch5  ch17  independentcontractor  entrepreneur  laws  problems 
11 days ago by jeromekatz
This Note asserts that Uber misleads uberX drivers about the type and amount of coverage available to them, as uberX drivers have no first-party protections in place while they drive around searching for fares. This Note further argues that based on these insurance mis- representations, Uber may be liable to injured uberX drivers under California's unfair competition law for engaging in unfair business practices. Accordingly, uberX drivers should be entitled to restitution for their injuries and injunctive re- lief to prevent Uber from continuing to mislead uberX drivers about their insur- ance coverage.
ESB6  ch18  ch5  uber  laws  insurance  ch16  problems 
11 days ago by jeromekatz
Format the ‘Expiration Date’ Fields Exactly the Same as the Physical Credit Card (90% Get It Wrong) (Baymard Institute)
Edward Scott даёт советы по правильному полю ввода срока окончания действия карты.
UX  forms  patterns  problems  issue 
13 days ago by jvetrau
Resistance Is Futile: Uber Loves a Good Fight |
Recently, some of the world's fastest-growing tech companies have been pushing ahead with their ideas without pausing to ask for permission. As a result, they're behaving in ways lawmakers aren't quite comfortable with. Consider that on your phone, you can purchase luggage (say, on Amazon), find someone to carry said luggage (TaskRabbit), rent an apartment for a couple of days (Airbnb), and hail a luxury sedan (you get the picture). But when the luggage retailer doesn't pay state sales tax, the employment provider doesn't pay minimum wage, the renter doesn't hold the lease, and the sedan driver doesn't charge a fixed rate? The government is pissed.
ESB6  ch3  ETHICS  fairpay  uber  strategy  disruption  problems  Amazon  airbnb 
24 days ago by jeromekatz
After losing to Uber, cities are squeezing scooters and bike-shares.
Kalanick and Uber rode outside the law in many of the cities they entered, operating without permission (or straight-up illegally) until the service had made itself so indispensable to the public that regulation was politically impossible. (Various taxi regulators have been sued by medallion owners for basically letting Uber get away with it.) The company used a tool called Greyball to thwart inquisitive city officials. Politicians who challenged the company were humiliated. Company lobbyists swarmed state legislatures to help override municipal laws they didn’t like. Uber’s strategy struck observers then (and still does) as the prototypical brash, careless, and entitled entrance of a Silicon Valley startup—a crystallization of Facebook’s now-discredited “move fast and break things” catchphrase. With mild-mannered Dara Khosrowshahi at the wheel, Uber is suddenly running good-government campaigns. “We were probably trading off doing the right thing for growth, and thinking about competition maybe a bit too aggressively, and some of those things were mistakes,” he told the New Yorker this spring about the Kalanick era.
ESB6  ch3  ETHICS  uber  strategy  problems  disruption 
24 days ago by jeromekatz

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