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Creative Problem Solving with SCAMPER - Litemind
S = Substitute
C = Combine
A = Adapt
M = Modify (Magnify or minify
P = Put to Other Uses
E = Eliminate (or Minify)
R = Rearrange (or Reverse)
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4 weeks ago by caseyajordan12
Strategies for Long Projects - Ben Brostoff
I’m in the middle of three multi-month to a year projects right now: Writing a book Running a marathon Building a ...
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6 weeks ago by my-flow
Engaging Stakeholders with Opportunity Solution Trees: 3 Tactics to Try | Product Talk
An elegant and flexible way to extract and consider approaches to problem solving.

“I use opportunity solution trees to align, communicate, and collaborate on product discovery. The link to recognizable company goals—and the fact that it looks nothing like a Gantt chart—facilitates a healthier discussion about choices the teams are making with finite resources.”
mapping  business-goals  business-analysis  problem-solving 
7 weeks ago by thompsonsimon
Unhappy Go Lucky!
- regularly publishes unofficial editorials for AtCoder
- also seems like an otaku >_>
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8 weeks ago by nhaliday

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