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3 days ago by odiak
Random Points on a Sphere (Part 1) | Azimuth
John D. Cook, Greg Egan, Dan Piponi and I had a fun mathematical adventure on Twitter. It started when John Cook wrote a program to compute the probability distribution of distances |xy - yx| where x and y were two randomly chosen unit quaternions:
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4 days ago by kmt
Semantics of probabilistic programs
Dexter Kozen, 1981
If S and T are two programs such that S(u) = T(u) whenever u is a point mass, then S = T under Semantics 2.
via Feras
5 days ago by jar
How people interpret probability through words | FlowingData
"I wonder what results would look like if instead of showing a word and asking probability, you flipped it around. Show probability and then ask people for a word to describe. I’d like to see that spectrum." - that CIA report again, and this time with a good question
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5 days ago by danhon

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