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Real-World Evidence and Randomized Studies in the Precision Oncology Era: The Right Balance | JCO Precision Oncology
Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) are the gold standard for rational therapeutics in evidence-based medicine.1 Although variable, the cost of conducting an RCT can be as high as $1 billion,1 putting into question their feasibility for every health care intervention. Also, the broader application of RCT outcomes has been subject to scrutiny, considering the inherent selection bias. Less than 5% of adult patients with cancer participate in clinical trials, and those who do are younger, healthier, and less diverse than their real-world counterparts.2 Today, RCTs remain the gold standard despite changing practice patterns; however, because of their limitations, coupled with unmet health care needs, a reassessment of whether this traditional approach should be required for low-risk interventions, particularly in cancer, is warranted.
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"Transform your creativity with QuickShape, Clipping Masks, Crop Canvas,
Liquify Dynamics and more"
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Query #25: Build a Bench - Relay FM
The episode where my question about what to do with an old Mac Pro case gets answered!
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Soul Run Free Pro Bio Singapore Launch: World's First AI Earphones
Brought to Singapore’s shores by distributor McBay, The Run Free Pro Bio is Soul Electronics’ latest fitness-oriented earphones. Its predecessor, the Run Free Pro, is the brand’s runner-specific device – the addition of the “Bio” monicker alludes to the onboard biomechanical sensors that provide gait analysis that aid in injury reduction and performance gains. While...

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Soul  Run  Free  Pro  Bio  Singapore  Launch:  World’s  First  AI  Earphones 
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