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Huawei Mate 20 (S$998), Mate 20 Pro (S$1,348) Comes to Singapore 27 October
Launched in London yesterday, the Huawei Mate 20 series is the brand’s most ambitious yet. It brings over the triple camera set-up found on its previous P20 line of smartphones but fits them in a package that is smarter and more powerful than ever. These phones will be available in Singapore on October 27, starting...

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Huawei  Mate  20  (S$998)  Pro  (S$1  348)  Comes  to  Singapore  27  October 
yesterday by vrzone
Script to open a mysql database in Sequel Pro from a service in docker-compose.
A gist of an Bash Shell Script to open up Sequel Pro MacOS / MacOS X app with credentials to view a MySQL database running within a Docker container.
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7 days ago by racl101
Connecting to a mysql running on a Docker container · Issue #95 · docker-library/mysql
Frankly, this forum page has no consensus on a solution to this issue. Nevertheless, what worked for me on my set up with running MacOS as the Docker host and running a container with: Ubuntu 16.04 and MySQL 5.7 is the following:

1) Within the container: change in /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf the bind-address option from to
2) Restart MySQL server (note that whenever you start MySQL you must use this command in the Dockerfile:

RUN sed -i -e"s/^bind-address\s*=\s* =" /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf
RUN find /var/lib/mysql -type f -exec touch {} \; && service mysql start

That is, you must touch the files in /var/lib/mysql and then start the server with service command and not systemctl.

Next, create a user separate from root e.g. dev_1, in MySQL and given them privileges to their '' and '%' hosts. Like this in the Dockerfile:

RUN find /var/lib/mysql -type f -exec touch {} \; && service mysql start && mysql -uroot -proot mysql -e "GRANT ALL ON *.* TO root@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'secret' WITH GRANT OPTION; CREATE USER 'dev_1'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'secret'; GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'dev_1'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'secret' WITH GRANT OPTION; GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'dev_1'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'secret' WITH GRANT OPTION; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;"

Then when you start the container you must publish the port number like so:

docker run -t -d -p 4406:3306 ubuntu_16_04_lemp_php_7_2:latest

If your container stops prematurely, then you might want to add a CMD line in your docker file to run a script and within that script you might want to add something like this:

# stupid hack to keep container from being stopped
tail -f /dev/null

Finally, to connect to your DB instance on your local MacOS machine with an app like Sequel Pro for example, use the following credentials:

Username: dev_1
Password: <dev_1_password>
Port: 4406

If you don't like to use port 4406, try 3307, 3308, 3309.
github  forum  howto  example  troubleshoot  mysql  server  docker  host  connection  issue  sequel  pro  mariadb  client  hostname  docker-machine  ip  address  ipaddress  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  image  port  detached  database  credentials 
7 days ago by racl101

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