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How to change the world and solve global problems – with cash prizes
Challenge prizes – which offer a cash incentive to those working to solve a particular problem—are becoming a force for change by allowing entrepreneurs and innovators, often overlooked by existing grant and procurement systems, to develop solutions to the world's greatest problems.
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14 days ago by MF_reads
ESPN Just Decided to Stop Sponsoring Sportswriting’s Most Prestigious Prize. Why? - The Ringer
“In a business that hands out awards like campaign buttons, it was one of the rare ones that really seemed to mean something. The idea that PEN would consider sportswriters part of the literary community was, if I may be so bold, thrilling. The folks at ESPN really must have done a great sales job.”
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8 weeks ago by glanosga
Challenges | InnovationXchange
The world’s population is expected to rise to 9.6 billion by 2050, creating an enormous demand for food and sources of protein. Today, fish and fish products supply a significant portion of the daily intake of animal protein in many developing countries. As aquaculture farms supply 58% of fish to global markets, invigorating this sector can contribute to food security, as well as social and economic inclusion for some of the world’s poorest people.
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9 weeks ago by MF_reads
Tilly arcade is a big hit with the Hillcrest students today. 🔨🛠.
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10 weeks ago by tolkien
Project: The Role of Inducement Prizes
An expert committee under the auspices of the Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy (STEP) will assemble and analyze evidence about the role of inducement prizes in the American innovation process. A series of committee meetings and one public workshop will be convened to assist the committee to produce a consensus report that answers the following questions:
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may 2019 by MF_reads
Conrad Challenge — Conrad Challenge
The Conrad Challenge is an annual, multi-phase innovation and entrepreneurial competition that encourages young adults to leave their mark on the world. Each year, teams of 2-5 students, ages 13-18, from around the globe create products and/or services that address some of the most pressing global challenges. 
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may 2019 by MF_reads

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