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PSPOs: the new control orders threatening our public spaces (Guardian, 9/8/2015)
This year has seen a growing number of councils proposing Public Space Protection Orders – a geographically defined version of asbos that could severely restrict people’s freedoms in urban spaces
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september 2015 by davidkoren
National Gallery workers defiant as they begin a fresh walkout
A five-day strike by workers at the National Gallery in central London has got bosses rattled.

The PCS union members began their walkout last Sunday. It is the second five-day strike they have staged in their fight against privatisation.
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march 2015 by johnros
Amazon USPS deal: A clever arrangement that doesn’t stop the post office’s doom.
"The Postal Service is failing despite being good at what it does, because its underlying financial model and mission are totally outdated. The institution could be saved in any number of ways, but all of them involve it fundamentally becoming something other than what it primarily is—an organization dedicated to delivering daily first-class mail.""The Amazon deal is a reminder that a path out of this trap is possible. Outside the realm of first-class mail, the Postal Service has a nonmonopoly parcel delivery business where it competes with UPS and FedEx. Despite the lack of monopoly, this is a profitable business—and the deal with Amazon reinforces the fact that it’s a growing business. In principle, more of this kind of thing could save the Postal Service. Congress could generate the funds necessary to cover the cost of universal, six-days-a-week first-class mail delivery by letting USPS expand into more lines of business. We could bring back postal banking, or the Postal Service could get into other areas of telecommunications.

But the question we should ask is: Why?"
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november 2013 by jschneider

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