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Continuous Authentication - BehavioSec
BehavioSec uses the way your customers type, swipe, and hold their devices, and enables them to authenticate themselves through their own behavior patterns.
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april 2017 by quiz42
Flickr: Tools
Flickr 可稱得上是世界上當之無愧的最佳線上相片管理和分享應用程式。向世界展示你最愛的相片和視訊,安全及私底下向朋友和家人展示內容,或者在 Blog 上發佈使用照相手機拍攝的相片和視訊。
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february 2017 by macsong
AlienVault Unified Security Management & Threat Intelligence
AlienVault has unified the security products, intelligence and community essential for mid-size businesses to defend against today’s modern threats.
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december 2016 by quiz42
Introduction to Semi-Supervised Learning with Ladder Networks |
Today, deep learning is mostly about pure supervised learning. A major drawback of supervised learning is that it requires a lot of labeled data and It is qu...
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october 2016 by ngaloppo

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