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Tea Consent - YouTube
It seems a lot of people really, REALLY don’t get what ‘consent’ means. From the famous “not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion” to the student that (allegedly) thought he’d surprise his partner with some non consensual BDSM to that fucking song to almost every damn comment on any article by anyone that suggests that yes means yes; it seems people really have a problem understanding that before you have sex with someone, and that’s every time you have sex with them, make sure they want to have sex with you. This goes for men, women, everyone. Whoever you are initiating sexytimes with, just make sure they are actually genuinely up for it. That’s it. It’s not hard. Really.

That taken from the original blog post March 2015:
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5 days ago by loughlin
Sex Toys Will Never Be Able To Do The Hardest Work For You
Useful metaphor.
I talked about consent in all of the sex education workshops I ran, and I would sometimes explain it this way, really throttling the metaphor to death: Let’s say you want to invite your friend to get dinner at a restaurant. Do you say “Do you want to have dinner?” and leave it at that? Or do you ask more questions: “Anything you’re particularly in the mood for? Are you allergic to certain foods? Is there anything new you want to try?” What if you got to the restaurant, and your friend said, “Okay, I know I said I was in the mood for this, but I actually feel like I want something else instead.” And what if you were eating, and then your friend was full and wanted to stop?

I never added this, but I should have: What if your boss invited you out for dinner, not your friend? Would that change the way you answered? Would it be harder to tell them you weren’t interested in the restaurants they suggested? Does that power differential make it harder to say no, knowing that there could be consequences? Our culture has flattened this nuance when we talk about consent. Saying “no” is one thing (a very important thing), but what does it mean to face the potential of violence for your “no”? How will that change the quality of your “yes”? We are expected to ignore all of the ways we could be punished, or else learn to eat whatever is being served without complaint.
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5 days ago by loughlin
[PDF] The Handbook Of Crisis Communications
Wiley-Blackwell, Ed. W. Timothy Coombs, Sherry J. Holloway, 2010

767 pages
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26 days ago by loughlin
Why protecting privacy is a losing game today—and how to change the game
It is not simply that any particular privacy policies “suck,” as Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) put it in the Facebook hearings. Zeynep Tufecki is right that these disclosures are obscure and complex. Some forms of notice are necessary and attention to…
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28 days ago by loughlin
Wondermark » Archive » #1068; In which Opinions are solicited
"I want to mail them surveys that look like handwritten birthday cards, with no return address. I want surveys to follow them like student loans, non-dischargeable in bankruptcy."
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4 weeks ago by loughlin
Data protection =/= security, part XVXXIII
MissIG_Geek | Twitter
There’s an availability bias at the core of people’s (incorrect) perception that data protection is mostly about security - mostly created by security product vendors who only talk about security when at data protection events

Security is part of data protection. At a stretch it's maybe one sixth of it, if crude maths is your thing. It's one of the easier sixths too.
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6 weeks ago by loughlin
Security is *part* of data protection, and a small part at that, part XVIII
Dear security product vendors, if you only talk about GDPR in terms of information security, you’re a) doing it wrong and b) doing everyone a disservice
How privacy-respectful is *your* product? How does it mitigate risk to the DATA SUBJECTS’ rights and freedoms?
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6 weeks ago by loughlin
Papal Visit Tickets
Biggest event of the year in Ireland. Can't acquire personal data in a compliant manner.
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7 weeks ago by loughlin
'passive constructions hiding perpetrators'
Vanessa | Twitter
Another case of passive constructions hiding perpetrators (e.g. 'a cyclist was hit by a car', er, no, a driver hit a cyclist). "interesting" that it's most commonly used to shield drivers, law enforcement, and sexual harassers.

quoting ...

Dr. Fern Riddell | Twitter
‘Fallen victim’’s not a hole she didn’t see and stumbled into. It’s not something she has a choice over. Someone ELSE made an active choice to violate and betray her trust by sharing intimate details/footage/photos. This is not her fault in any way shape or form.

quoting ...

Evening Standard | Twitter
Love Island’s Zara McDermott has ‘fallen victim to revenge porn'
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7 weeks ago by loughlin
What happens when ordinary people learn economics? | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
60% of people don't know what GDP means, yet it is a staple of news items. So how to democratise privacy knowledge?
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7 weeks ago by loughlin
What happens when ordinary people learn economics? | Aditya Chakrabortty | Opinion | The Guardian
60% of people don't know what GDP means, yet it is a staple of news items. So how to democratise privacy knowledge?
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7 weeks ago by loughlin
Protecting the digital beneficiary – Privacy International – Medium
New piece from our executive director @GusHosein about the lack of control we have over our digital identities. We wrote it for @ICRC's humanitarian law and policy blog. We included a disclaimer that illustrates the problem.. http Gus Hosein | Privacy International We are much more than our physical selves. We are also digital. Every moment we generate more data. Although sometimes this data is under our control, increasingly it is not. This uncontrolled data — this metadata…
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8 weeks ago by loughlin
ICO privacy notice
ICO privacy notice. Pretty good visual representation.
Our layered privacy notice is an example of how you can present your privacy information. Privacy notices must be accessible and should not be complicated for the reader. For more information or to read our Privacy Notice in full go to:
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8 weeks ago by loughlin
Public Services Card no longer needed for driver theory test
RT : The PSC is not compulsory for anything. And we just don't need a national identity card system.
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8 weeks ago by loughlin
Spain's La Liga Football App Reportedly Turned Fans Into Narcs
But before you download any apps, here’s something to think about: The La Liga app, which is the official streaming app for Spain’s most popular football league, has reportedly been using the microphones on fans’ phones to root out unauthorized broadcasts of matches in public venues like bars and restaurants.

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9 weeks ago by loughlin

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