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How To Read A Privacy Policy: Advice from CDT Experts | Center for Democracy & Technology
But, if these documents are generally agreed to be unhelpful, why should we try to make privacy policies easier to understand for consumers? One reason is that these policies are one of the few glimpses we have into what is happening to our personal…
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3 days ago by loughlin
EA list of third parties
Extraordinary list of ad networks, ad brokers and who knows what else.
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Facebook treats its ethical failures like software bugs, and that’s why they keep happening — Quartz
Facebook may not have intended to surface traumatic content, just like it didn’t intend to let advertisers post hateful or nefarious ads. But it did intend to prioritize rapid growth and user engagement over all else. Mark Zuckerberg said as much in…
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7 days ago by loughlin
Thinking Aloud: The #1 Usability Tool
Summary: Simple usability tests where users think out loud are cheap, robust, flexible, and easy to learn. Thinking aloud should be the first tool in your UX toolbox, even though it entails some risks and doesn't solve all problems.</blockquoe>

Mention this in launch document set. Internal comms, MoSCoW, Cards, all applicable.
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8 days ago by loughlin
Your new consumer rights for 2018 – Which? News
Short and simple.
Data Protection Bill

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force across the EU. It’s currently passing through the UK Parliament as the Data Protection Bill.

The UK will have a new Data Protection Act that will complement the GDPR with some additional provisions for domestic law.

What does this mean for you?

Some of the key changes you’ll see include:

+ Online identifiers, such as your IP address, will count as personal data

+ Your consent will need to be active and clear, meaning when you agree to be contacted you’ll have to tick a box that makes it clear about what you’re agreeing to

+ You’ll be able to make a subject access request free of charge

+ A company must delete your data when you ask it to – unless there’s a compelling reason to keep it

+ Compensation can now be claimed from a processor rather than only the data controller.

It’s important to note that GDPR adds to, rather than alters or reduces, consumer rights and protections.
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9 days ago by loughlin
'I just wanted to organize this mess': An oral history of the Lumascape - Digiday
When marketing and advertising people talk about themselves it's no holds barred hyperbole. These charts laid the groundwork for the Lumascape similar to how Carl Perkins influenced The Beatles
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11 days ago by loughlin
The Difference Between TOFu, MOFu and BOFu Content
TOFu - give 'em something valuable for free to get their email address MOFu - send them something by email to see if they're receptive BOFu - qualify and close This is a pretty well established process now.
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