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Qubes OS: A reasonably secure operating system
"Qubes takes an approach called security by compartmentalization, which allows you to compartmentalize the various parts of your digital life into securely isolated compartments called qubes.

This approach allows you to keep the different things you do on your computer securely separated from each other in isolated qubes so that one qube getting compromised won’t affect the others. For example, you might have one qube for visiting untrusted websites and a different qube for doing online banking. This way, if your untrusted browsing qube gets compromised by a malware-laden website, your online banking activities won’t be at risk. Similarly, if you’re concerned about malicious email attachments, Qubes can make it so that every attachment gets opened in its own single-use disposable qube. In this way, Qubes allows you to do everything on the same physical computer without having to worry about a single successful cyberattack taking down your entire digital life in one fell swoop.

Moreover, all of these isolated qubes are integrated into a single, usable system. Programs are isolated in their own separate qubes, but all windows are displayed in a single, unified desktop environment with unforgeable colored window borders so that you can easily identify windows from different security levels. Common attack vectors like network cards and USB controllers are isolated in their own hardware qubes while their functionality is preserved through secure networking, firewalls, and USB device management. Integrated file and clipboard copy and paste operations make it easy to work across various qubes without compromising security. The innovative Template system separates software installation from software use, allowing qubes to share a root filesystem without sacrificing security (and saving disk space, to boot). (...)"
privacy  security  opensource  linux  os  vm 
3 hours ago by eric.brechemier
Welcome to the neighbourhood. Have you read the terms of service?
"The whole point of a smart city is that everything that can be collected will be collected"
personaldata  privacy  consent 
3 hours ago by corrickwales
Share a secret - One Time
Halte sensible Informationen aus deinen Chat-Logs und E-Mails heraus. Teile einen Link, der nur einmal verfügbar ist.
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4 hours ago by bitstarr
About Cookies
If your web site uses cookies, linking here can help you to comply with the UK's cookie law.
cookies  privacy  legal 
7 hours ago by activescott
My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror
My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror
I was sitting in the nearly empty restaurant of the Westin Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, getting ready for a showdown with the federal government that I had been trying to avoid for more than seven years. The Obama administration was demanding that I reveal the confidential sources I had relied on for a chapter about a botched CIA operation in my 2006 book, “State of War.” I had also written about the CIA operation for the New York Times, but the paper’s editors had suppressed the story at the government’s request. It wasn’t the only time they had done so.
news  terrorism  nytimes  gov2.0  politics  legal  CIA  security  privacy 
12 hours ago by rgl7194
What’s behind the Intel design flaw forcing numerous patches? | Ars Technica
There's obviously a big problem, but we don't know exactly what.
Both Windows and Linux are receiving significant security updates that can, in the worst case, cause performance to drop by half, to defend against a problem that as yet hasn't been fully disclosed.
Patches to the Linux kernel have been trickling in over the past few weeks. Microsoft has been testing the Windows updates in the Insider program since November, and it is expected to put the alterations into mainstream Windows builds on Patch Tuesday next week. Microsoft's Azure has scheduled maintenance next week, and Amazon's AWS is scheduled for maintenance on Friday—presumably related.
Since the Linux patches first came to light, a clearer picture of what seems to be wrong has emerged. While Linux and Windows differ in many regards, the basic elements of how these two operating systems—and indeed, every other x86 operating system such as FreeBSD and macOS—handle system memory is the same, because these parts of the operating system are so tightly coupled to the capabilities of the processor.
browser  bug  cpu  javascript  linux  mac  meltdown_spectre  privacy  security  windows 
12 hours ago by rgl7194
'Meltdown' and 'Spectre' FAQ: What Mac and iOS users need to know about the Intel, AMD, and ARM flaw | iMore
A series of flaws have been discovered in Intel, AMD, and ARM chipsets that allow speculative references to be probed for privileged data.
"Meltdown" is a flaw currently believed to affect only Intel processors and "melts security boundaries which are normally enforced by the hardware". "Spectre" is a flaw that affects Intel, AMD, and ARM processors due to the way "speculative execution" is handled.
Both could theoretically be used to read information from a computer's memory, including private information like passwords, photos, messages, and more.
Apple has apparently already started patching Meltdown in macOS. Here's what you need to know.
browser  bug  cpu  javascript  linux  mac  meltdown_spectre  privacy  security  windows 
12 hours ago by rgl7194
Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web -
We're quietly replacing an open web that connects and empowers with one that restricts and commoditizes people. We need to stop it.
computers  Internet  surveillance  privacy 
13 hours ago by tardigrader

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