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Because of #GDPR
Because of #GDPR, USA Today decided to run a separate version of their website for EU users, which has all the tracking scripts and ads removed. The site seemed very fast, so I did a performance audit. How fast the internet could be without all the junk! 🙄 5.2MB → 500KB
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2 hours ago by campylobacter
SJPL_AppPrivacy - Google Drive
Results of a vendor privacy audit performed at SJPL.
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5 hours ago by dsalo
George Orwell predicted cameras would watch us in our homes; he never imagined we’d gladly buy and install them ourselves
By appealing to our basic human need for connection, to vanity, the desire for recognition, and the seemingly instinctual drive for convenience, technology companies have persuaded millions of people to actively surveille themselves and each other.
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8 hours ago by terry

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