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Books and calendars in Photos for Mac: What are the best options? - Six Colors
Jason Snell on building print-to-order books from on MacOS.

Comparing apps from Mimeo and Motif.

“Unfortunately, Apple has gotten out of the business of producing books and calendars. Instead, it’s allowed third-party services to create special apps and make them available for download in the Mac App Store. These free apps allow you to create projects based on your Photos library and order them from right within Photos.”

“Unsurprisingly, the companies behind both apps seem to have been past suppliers for Apple’s book-printing services…”

“Mimeo’s template picker offers more than 50 options (including versions of Apple’s old templates)”.
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yesterday by metaproof
Archiving cryptographic secrets on paper — whitequark’s lab notebook
"In this note I show a script for splitting small amounts of data across multiple barcodes and generating a printable document. Specifically, this script is limited to less than 7650 alphanumeric characters, such as from the Base-64 alphabet. It can be used for archiving Tarsnap keys, GPG keys, SSH keys, etc."
encryption  security  barcode  paper  printing  gpg  ssh  sysadmin  archive 
3 days ago by sometimesfood
The 50 best sites to download STL files and 3D printable files in 2018
We have listed the best 3D models repositories and sites to download STL files for 3D printing in 2018. Find your next 3D print now!
3d  models  thingiverse  printing  download  stl 
5 days ago by tranqy
Leipziger Buchgewerbe um 1913
Vergleich des aktuellen Stadtplans mit einem historischen von 1913. Darstellung der Standorte des Druckgewerbes in der originalen damaligen Lage.
leipzig  map  visualization  economy  printing  german 
5 days ago by keimlink
Transfer a sketch to lino - Draw Cut Ink Press
Guide to transferring artwork to lino for linocut
printing  guide  linocut 
7 days ago by davidgalletly
Reproducing paintings that make an impression | MIT News
MIT CSAIL's new RePaint system aims to faithfully recreate paintings using deep learning and 3-D printing.
3d  printing  printer  art  canvas  paint  reproduction 
7 days ago by gilberto5757

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