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he Importance of High Quality Images in Your Printed Advertisements
Prospective customers or clients may scroll past your text post or flip past your printed advertisement unless a high-quality image catches their eye!
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4 days ago by Adventure_Web
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5 days ago by sebbi
22 Best Headphone Stands and Headset Stands to 3D Print | All3DP
Sure, you could have an ordinary headset stand, or you could make some big audio dynamite with a 3D printed headphone stand. Choose wisely!
3d  print  headphone  stand 
7 days ago by tranqy
How to Smooth PLA Prints Without Using Sandpaper | All3DP
Maker and YouTuber 3DSage shares an informative tutorial on how to create incredibly smooth 3D prints out of PLA without needing to use sandpaper or other post-processing techniques!
smooth  3d  print  post  processing 
7 days ago by tranqy
3D Print Lego - 40 Fantastic Lego Parts and Minifigs to 3D Print | All3DP
How about 3D printing curved Lego bricks, superhero figurines, or a Lego-to-Brio converter? Here are 40 fantastic Lego parts that you can 3D print.
lego  3d  print 
7 days ago by tranqy
Madhumala Chattopadhyay, the woman who made the Sentinelese put their arrows down
Anthropologist to friend – the journey of Madhumala Chattopadhyay who first contacted the Sentinelese and Jarawas in Andamans..On 4 January, 1991, more than 1,200 kms from the Indian mainland in the Bay of Bengal, a young Indian woman anthropologist waded waist-deep into the coral reefs to hand over a coconut to a man from the Sentinelese tribe. This was the first-ever friendly contact with this hostile tribe of the Andamans.Perhaps no people on earth remain more genuinely isolated than the Sentinelese, one of the few un-contacted people in the world, who have lived in the North Sentinel Islands of the Andamans for the last estimated 60,000 years, shunning any contact with the outside world. Their antiquity, traced to the Palaeolithic age, makes them the first inhabitants of India. There have been many attempts previously to establish contact with the Sentinelese, which however failed with contact parties being received with arrows, some even finding their mark. Given the hostile nature of the Sentinelese, the contact parties would avoid approaching the tribe directly and watch them from the safety of their ships or leave gifts in remote part of the island.This was the first time a woman was a part of a contact expedition with the Sentinelese, and they put their guard down. The presence of a woman indicated that the contact party meant no harm. This braveheart anthropologist is Dr Madhumala Chattopadhyay, then a researcher with the Anthropological Survey of India. Madhumala is also the first woman to be accepted by another Andaman tribe, the Jarawas, with whom she established a friendly relationship, especially the women folk.
anthropology  Andaman-Nicobar  India  aborigines  Print 
10 days ago by thomas.kochi

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