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Design Principles
An open source collection of Design Principles and methods.
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yesterday by gugelproductions
15 principles of good service design (Lou Downe)
Louise Downe, глава дизайна Government Digital Services (делают GOV.UK) приводит свои принципы проектирования услуг.
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4 days ago by jvetrau
Doing good data science - O'Reilly Media
“The problem we face is different: how do we put ethical principles into practice? We’re not talking about an abstract commitment to being fair. Ethical principles are worse than useless if we don’t allow them to change our practice, if they don’t have any effect on what we do day-to-day. For data scientists, whether you’re doing classical data analysis or leading-edge AI, that’s a big challenge. We need to understand how to build the software systems that implement fairness. That’s what we mean by doing good data science.”
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4 days ago by danhon
Laws of UX
Laws of UX is a collection of the maxims and principles that designers can consider when building user interfaces.
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4 days ago by stringy
15 principles of good service design
What is a good service and why are we so afraid to talk about it? I’ve been asking myself this question a lot recently. In a bid to find out, I tweeted this a few weeks ago and – bar a couple of people also wondering the same thing – got pretty much tumbleweeds in…
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5 days ago by wcyarbrough
Wikipedia:The rules are principles - Wikipedia
The rules are principles, not laws, on Wikipedia. Policies and guidelines exist only as rough approximations of their underlying principles. They are not intended to provide an exact or complete definition of the principles in all circumstances. They must be understood in context, using some sense and discretion.
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8 days ago by imaginaryfriend
Why the Golden Ratio matters – Darrin Crescenzi – Medium
“Those who believe the golden ratio is the hidden math behind beauty are falling for a 150-year-old scam.” I came across this quote last week, during my post-lunch ritual of catching up with Internet…
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9 days ago by andmar315
A framework for thinking about Open Source Sustainability?
The "commons" in OSS is "effort".

Design principles for open source communities:

1. Who is a contributor to an open source project is clearly defined.
2. Effort in open online projects is applied locally, to the needs of the project.
3. Many open source projects follow the rule that those who contribute participate in design decisions.
4. People who contribute significantly are often invited to join the project officially in more significant decision making roles.
5. There is often a range of sanctions for contributors who violate community rules.
6. Most conflicts are handled internally to the project, rather than being escalated to the legal system.
7. Most conflicts are handled by lightweight methods and discussions.
8. Many open source contributors contribute to multiple projects.
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10 days ago by drmeme

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