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Intuitive Math and Science explanations
To explain math, science and other topics clearly, intuitively, and
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5 days ago by gdw
Princeton Research Forum
Princeton Research Forum is a community of independent scholars in the Princeton area and beyond. It was founded in 1980 by a group of scholars who were pursuing their own research outside of the academy. Their aim was to facilitate access to libraries and funding for independent researchers and to provide a forum for collegiality among the group’s membership. Since those early days, much has improved for independent scholars, in part due to the efforts of PRF founding members and to those of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars (, with which PRF is affiliated.

Today, Princeton Research Forum (PRF) offers a diverse group of men and women scholars the opportunity to share their research interests, expertise, and creative endeavors in a supportive environment with other independent scholars. In addition to meeting monthly during the academic year, PRF members participate in ongoing study groups in the humanities, science/history of science, and poetry. Members gather for an annual general meeting and pot-luck dinner in the summer and a festive wine-and-cheese party in the fall.
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5 weeks ago by dbourn
Princeton Gerrymandering Project
Academic team working on gerrymandering from a technical and statistical point of view
gerrymandering  politics  princeton 
november 2018 by nelson

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