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Hidden Royalty - EssieScrawls - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Merlin hates everything regal because his mum does. But when Prince Arthur of England is going to the same uni as him, he changes those thoughts quickly and even develops feelings for him. He begins to wonder why his mum holds such a grudge against royalty.

What he doesn't know is that his mum had a history with Balinor, the Mercian King, and he certainly doesn't know that he's the son of that same King
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  pairing:hunith/balinor  merlin:modern-au  prince!arthur  prince!merlin  college  author:EssieScrawls  50.000-100.000 
may 2018 by aerten
It's not the end of the world (but you can see it from here) - Cori Lannam (corilannam) - Merlin (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Arthur, Prince of Wales, finds it hard to accept that he and Merlin have no future. Then he finds out that neither does anyone else. (fusion with the movie 2012)
fandom:merlin-bbc  pairing:merlin/arthur  apocalypse  2012!au  merlin:modern-au  prince!arthur  doctor!merlin  minor-character-death  author:corilannam  20.000-50.000 
june 2017 by aerten
Wintry Calm (so in love with the wrong world)
Camelot has been divided for as long as Arthur can remember; the Great Wall stretches from one end of the city to the other. On one side you have the rich, and the pure. On the other, a child is hanged for possessing magic and everyone is living on the edge.

Then, one day, Arthur Pendragon looks out of his window to see two dark haired teenagers curled on the doorstep. Slowly he and his girlfriend, Gwen, learn how they came to be there, fall in love with everyone but each other, and begin to tear down the wall.
gwen/morgana  homeless!merlin  prince!arthur  modern!au  teacher/student  age-difference  merlin/arthur  merlin  from delicious
august 2012 by vox97
[Merlin] tourdefierce: Missed Connections
Porn-writer!Merlin finds inspiration in a very unconventional relationship with an eager mouth on the opposite side of a glory hole in a bathroom stall.
kink:blowjob  Rating:NC-17  author:tourdefierce  glory_hole  AU_modern  Prince!Arthur  Porn-writer!Merlin  fandom:Merlin  words:51.027  genre:AU  length:50-100k  pairing:Arthur/Merlin 
august 2012 by shakka1
merlin_holidays: Happy Merlin Holidays, corilannam! [1/3]
Summary: Modern royal AU. When Arthur, the Prince of Wales, was seventeen, he had made a mistake that is still haunting him. Eight years later, can he finally make it right?

AO3 link:
word count: 22K
royalty  fanfiction  fic  slash  author:kianspo  pg-13  au  hurt/comfort  angst  past-relationship  arthur/merlin  merlin/arthur  merlin  prince!arthur 
january 2012 by jumpmybones
rotrude - Fic: A Man's Best Fortune
Summary Not wanting to be told he has to marry and marry someone the Royal House approves of, Prince Arthur of Albion decides to find his life partner all by himself. Needing to be liked for who he is, he goes the incognito route; aka writtent for this [info]kinkme_merlin prompt: Arthur is a prince who has to find himself a wife soon or she'll be chosen for him. Living incognito, he tries to find someone who will like him for himself.

word count: 29,000
au  merlin  author:rotrude  merlin/arthur  arthur/merlin  slash  nc-17  fic  fluff  romance  modern!au  prince!arthur  adult  uthur  morgana 
december 2011 by jumpmybones
castmeaway: Polarity: Master Post
Summary: A Camelot still reeling from Morgana’s betrayal plays host to the visiting king of the only nation militant enough to pose a viable threat. Only, a surprising twist is revealed when the heirless king of that nation announces that the dragon lord Balinor was actually his formerly lost and disinherited brother, therefore making Balinor’s son, Merlin, the sole blood heir to his throne.

word count: 33,000
merlin  merlin/arthur  dub-con  arthur/merlin  arthur  prince!merlin  prince!arthur  nc-17  adult  author:castmeaway  bottom!arthur  angst  arthur-finds-out  magic  morgana  lancelot  gwen  gaius  bigbang2011  hurt/comfort  hurt!merlin  bigbang 
november 2011 by jumpmybones
The Student Prince - FayJay - Merlin - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
A Modern day Merlin AU set at the University of St Andrews, featuring teetotal kickboxers, secret wizards, magnificent bodyguards of various genders, irate fairies, imprisoned dragons, crumbling gothic architecture, arrogant princes, adorable engineering students, stolen gold, magical doorways, attempted assassination, drunken students, shaving foam fights, embarrassing mornings after, The Hammer Dance, duty, responsibility, friendship and true love...
Merlin  modern!au  arthur/merlin  Gwen/Lancelot  nc-17  slash  fic  angst  first  prince!Arthur  magical!Merlin  humor  awesome!Morgana  EXCELLENT  romance  fluff  schmoop  slash!dragon 
november 2011 by Perfumaniac
East Coast Gazette - WIP: Drastically Redefining Protocol, pt 4/?
Arthur and Merlin email each other while Arthur is away, and one of Merlin'[s favourite patients codes - Chapter four
au  total_au  merlin  merlin_slash  merlin_fic  arthur/merlin  modern_au  rageprufrock_fic  Prince!Arthur  Medic!Merlin  drastically_redefining_protocol 
september 2011 by shiny_starlight

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10.000-20.000  20.000-50.000  2012!au  50.000-100.000  adult  age-difference  angst  apocalypse!fic  apocalypse  apocalypse_fic  arthur/merlin  arthur-finds-out  arthur  au  au_modern  author:castmeaway  author:corilannam  author:essiescrawls  author:fayjay  author:kianspo  author:ladililn  author:pandarus  author:rageprufrock  author:rotrude  author:tourdefierce  awesome!gwen  awesome!morgana  barebacking  betrayal  bigbang  bigbang2011  bottom!arthur  character_death  childhood-friends  college-fic  college  college_fic  coming_out  coronated-arthur  crack  creaturefic  death  different!era  doctor!merlin  drastically_redefining_protocol  dub-con  epic  established_relationship  excellent  fandom:merlin-bbc  fandom:merlin  fanfiction  fic  first-meeting  first-time  first  fluff  future_fic  futurefic  gaius  genre:au  get-together  glory_hole  gwen/lancelot  gwen/morgana  gwen  homeless!merlin  honeymoon_fic  humor  humour  hurt!merlin  hurt/comfort  immortal!merlin  immortal!morgana  innkeeper!merlin  interview  kid!fic  king!arthur  kink:blowjob  lancelot/gwen  lancelot  length:50-100k  long  love  magic  magical!merlin  married!arthur/merlin  media  medic!merlin  memory!loss  merlin/arthur  merlin  merlin:modern-au  merlin_fic  merlin_slash  minor-character-death  modern!au  modern!era  modern_au  morgana/morgause  morgana  moviebased  nc-17  non-magic  outdoor_sex  pairing:arthur/merlin  pairing:hunith/balinor  pairing:merlin/arthur  past-relationship  pdf  pg-13  porn-writer!merlin  prince!merlin  r  rageprufrock_fic  rating:nc-17  reconcile  reel_merlin  reincarnation  relationship.revealed  romance  royal_duties  royalty  schmoop  secrets  slash!dragon  slash  student!merlin  teacher/student  to-read  total_au  uther!dies  uthur  violence  wedding  words:51.027 

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