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Caltrans Cultural Studies
Caltrans provides different types of documents for internal and public use: public outreach, school curriculum, cultural resources mitigation, and guidance for professionals.
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april 2019 by lovelytree
March of America Facsimile Series
Collection of ~100 primary documents on the European colonization of North America, 1966 edition, University Microfilms. Not a little bit Manifest Destiny but the primary sources are, well, primary. Fabulous collection includes travel narratives (journey across the ocean, journey westward, etc.), narratives of captivity among the Indians, official documents, etc.
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november 2017 by cpellegr
teaching with primary sources
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july 2017 by lovelytree
Resources for Instructors in Special Collections: Assignments & Activities
great activity here: Meet the Class of 1918 (or 1919, or 1920...)

As entering freshmen, you are the Class of 2018. During your time at MU, you will become part of the university’s history and traditions, just as the Class of 1918 was. In 1918, the University of Missouri was 79 years old. The Academic Hall Fire that left the Columns standing on the Quad had happened only 26 years earlier. The Journalism School was 10 years old. Most of the campus buildings east of the Quad were still under construction, and Ellis Library was brand new and state-of-the-art.

Explore the student publications, yearbooks, and histories in the University of Missouri Digital Library for the years 1915-1918, and visit the University Archives and Special Collections to see publications and materials that are not yet digitized (including student newspapers such as the Maneater, the MSU Independent, and the Missouri Student).

Write a short paper comparing student life in 1918 to your own experience at MU. You may attempt to follow one student, or write about student life in general. Use the questions below as a guide.

What were entrance requirements like? How were they different from your college entrance process?
Where did students live in 1918? What were their housing conditions like? If you had been a student in 1918, where would you have lived? Compare this to your current housing.
Did your major exist in 1918? Did it have a different name? Where would your classes have been held? Who would have taught them? How has this changed?
What sorts of activities did students participate in? Compare them to the activities you are involved in now.
Women were admitted at MU beginning in 1868. What conclusions can you draw about their status in 1918? What changes have occurred?
The first African American students were not admitted to MU until 1950. Comment on diversity among the student body and faculty of 1918. How have the university’s values changed?

Adapted from “Vanderbilt Visions: Meet the Class of 1912,” ARL SPEC Kit 317: Special Collections Engagement (August 2010). pp 143-144, or available online.
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june 2017 by lovelytree
First-ever Primary Source Immersion Program to take place in August | Indiana University Libraries
The IUB Libraries is pleased to announce the first-ever Primary Source Immersion Program for Bloomington instructors. The three-day workshop, to be held in August 2017, will introduce faculty and instructors to new possibilities for integrating primary sources and special collections into their courses with the goal of engaging students with the materials in meaningful ways. This program represents a collaboration among the Libraries’ Department of Teaching & Learning and partner repositories across the campus.
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