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Are Apple products overpriced? • The Washington Post
Geoffrey Fowler and Andrew van Dam:
<p>Apple says prices go up because it introduces new technologies such as Face ID and invests in making products that last a long time. Yet it has clearly been feeling price discomfort from some quarters. This week, amid reports of lagging sales that took its stock far out of the trillion-dollar club, it dedicated its home page to a used-car sales technique that’s uncharacteristic for an aspirational luxury brand. It offered a “limited-time” deal to trade in an old iPhone and get a new iPhone XR for $450, a $300 discount.

Apple offers trade-ins for many products now. And not everything Apple has gone up in price: An entry-level iMac and iPad have gotten cheaper since 2014, though in both cases the company has since added a new higher-end (and higher-price) “Pro” version to its lineup.

<img src="" width="100%" />

It’s a good time to take stock of what you’re paying for. Back at the end of 2014, when the iPhone 6 came out, the average price paid for any iPhone was $634, according to BayStreet. This year, it’ll be $898. (Samsung owners over the same period went from $635 to $710, not accounting for promotions.) Add in services such as iCloud storage and AirPod headphones, and our Apple bill climbs even higher.</p>

The graphic above, and the one below, both from the article, are quite telling - of Apple buyers' loyalty and the value they perceive, as much as anything.

<img src="" width="100%" />
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3 days ago by charlesarthur
View from the Marketplace For data-savvy marketers, there’s a new keyword: Intent
As more companies look to machine learning for insights, marketers need to use new tools and technology to engage potential customers at the right time and place
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5 days ago by gaidainc
The Economic Perspective On Moral Standards
"I think of society setting the targets for 'good person' a lot like a CEO setting the targets for 'good vacuum salesman'. If they’re attainable and linked to incentives – like praise, honor, and the right to feel proud of yourself – then they’ll make people put in an extra effort so they can end up in the 'good person' category. If they’re totally unattainable and nobody can ever be a good person no matter how hard they try, then nobody will bother trying. This doesn’t mean nobody will be good – some people are naturally good without hope for reward, just like some people will slave away for the vacuum company even when they’re underpaid and underappreciated. It just means you’ll lose the extra effort you would get from having a good incentive structure."
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5 days ago by bankbryan
Outcome Based Value Metrics Drive Down Churn, Increase Expansion Revenue
If I can give you more of the outcome you’re buying my product for, why wouldn’t you spend more with me.

Ultimately, value metrics are everything when it comes to properly pricing subscription products, because you're aligning your revenue model directly to where a customer interprets value from your product.

We all don’t have the luxury of pricing based on outcome though, because sometimes it’s hard to perfectly measure how much money someone gained from using your product or how much that time you saved them is worth. Yet, we can take a lesson from this data in making sure we get as close to that customer and as close to value as technically possible.
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7 days ago by 1luke2
SMA Solar lowers 2018 sales guidance again and loses market share to rival SolarEdge | PV Tech
Major PV inverter manufacturer SMA Solar Technology has lowered both its revenue and profit forecast again for 2018, citing continued ‘strong pricing pressure’ through November.
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10 days ago by wmaceyka

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