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Using TextExpander Date and Time Math - Smile
Let's say it's your job to remind people to do something. Maybe you are the accounts receivable person, and you regularly need to remind people to pay you in 15 days. If you use TextExpander, your days of looking at the calendar and calculating that date are over! You can create a snippet that automatically ...
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10 weeks ago by ebouchut
Updates. By Jeff Kreeftmeijer
I’ll start with my go-to trick: I usually only notice a match should be replaced after searching for it with / (/foo). After learning that substitutions with empty search patterns (%:s//bar/) replace the previously found matches, I’ve never had to re-type a pattern again.
vim  tip  trick  search  replacement  previous 
january 2019 by slmingol
WatchOS 5.1.1 Fixes Bricking Issues From Previous Faulty Update
Apple has just released watchOS 5.1.1, about a week after watchOS 5.1 was released and quickly removed after some users reported the update made their Apple Watch Series 4 freeze permanently. With watchOS 5.1.1, Apple has provided the updates intended to ship with the fatal watchOS 5.1 update previously. This includes support for more than 70...

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WatchOS  5.1.1  Fixes  Bricking  Issues  From  Previous  Faulty  Update 
november 2018 by vrzone
Word: Jump to next Track Change with keyboard | CyberText Newsletter
“What you need is a keyboard shortcut for skipping to the next change. There isn’t one set by default in Word, so you need to create your own.”
word  keyboard  shortcuts  trackchanges  2010  next  previous 
august 2018 by handcoding

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