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Apple’s Quick Look Reveals Your Darkest Secrets | The Mac Security Blog
For more than a decade, macOS has included a feature called Quick Look that makes it easy to preview files right within the Finder, without having to launch an app.
While Quick Look can certainly be a useful feature, its implementation in macOS has some surprising and potentially disturbing privacy implications.
Let's take a look at why the feature may be problematic and what you can do to safeguard your private data.
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5 days ago by rgl7194
NBA most valuable player predictions - ESPN Summer Forecast
1. LeBron James | SF | Lakers
First-place votes: 39.4 percent
Total points: 85
Despite being widely considered the best basketball player in the world, LeBron hasn't won an MVP award since the 2012-13 season. But what if James and the Lakers surprise everyone and make a run to a top-four seed in the Western Conference? James would have a compelling narrative in leading the NBA's glamour franchise back to the playoffs after a six-year drought.
James is coming off a monster season in which he led the NBA in games and minutes played, producing some of his best box score stats in years. If he replicates that effort while leading the young Lakers to success, he has a great chance to earn the fifth MVP award of his career. -- Andre Snellings
basketball  lakers  lebron  award  preview 
5 days ago by rgl7194
Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Working on McDonald’s Monopoly Scam Film | Film News | Consequence of Sound
Based on the true story of how one ex-cop rigged the game to pocket $24 million
Pearl Street producers and best buds Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are currently developing a new film about McDonald’s Monopoly promotion, as Deadline reports. While it’s rather delightful to imagine the two scarfing down countless Big Macs in search of the winning pieces, the project is actually going to be based on a true story about an ex-cop who managed to rig the game in his favor and scam the fast food chain out of $24 million.
The story was first documented in a report from The Daily Beast just last weekend. It centers around former police officer Jerome Jacobson and the way in which he was able to manipulate McDonald’s Monopoly game for 12 whole years beginning in 1989. Jacobson worked as a security guard at the printing business responsible for providing the game to McDonald’s and thus took advantage of his access to the rare winning pieces. For those unfamiliar, the everyday customer’s chance of winning the $1 million grand prize is about 1 in 250 million. Through the scam, it was reported that one family associated with Jacobson was able to snag not one, not two, but three million-dollar prizes.
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7 days ago by rgl7194
Listen to Heartless Bastards' New Track 'Black Cloud' From Their Upcoming Album | Billboard
Heartless Bastards did a good deal of pre-production with producer John Congleton for their fifth studio album, Restless Ones. But frontwoman Erika Wennerstrom confesses that she pushed her lyrics "right up to the last minute. I always do a little bit (of procrastinating), but on this record in particular I was trying to stay on schedule," Wennerstrom tells Billboard. "Things went down to the wire, and we were trying to figure out whether to postpone it or if I could pull of finishing the lyrics in time. I literally went right down to the wire." But that, she adds, brought a different quality to the 10-song set, which comes out June 16. 
music  garage_rock  2010s  preview 
8 days ago by rgl7194
First Look at Tim Miller’s Terminator Sequel | Film News | Consequence of Sound
Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, and Natalia Reyes look ready to fight
Production is currently underway on Tim Miller’s hotly anticipated Terminator sequel/reboot. In fact, the film is several weeks into shooting, and Arnold Schwarzenegger has already begun filming his scenes in and around Budapest.
To drum up some hype, the studio has let loose the first official production still, and it’s a good one: In the first photo, we see the return of Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor alongside stars Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes.
movies  sci-fi  adventure  preview 
12 days ago by rgl7194
2018 LA Rams training camp preview: Super Bowl or bust - Turf Show Times
For the first time in more than a decade, the Rams go into camp as legitimate postseason contenders. How they handle the hype will determine whether or not they put themselves in position to meet those lofty expectations.
TST’s own Brandon Bate in late March:
It remains to be seen whether or not these offseason moves will ultimately pan out. If you’re a long-time Rams’ fan, then you’re certainly accustomed to big-named players hopping aboard only to fizzle out when it mattered most.
Regardless, the moves the Rams have made aren’t a mere attempt to “move the needle”, or to maintain their current status as NFC West Champions. These moves are being made in an effort to hoist the Lombardi in early 2019.
With all 16 games left to be played this season, Rams’ fans can rest assured that this regime is not like that from years prior. Winning is of the utmost importance. And 2018 isn’t being viewed as a season to improve — but as a year to capitalize.
football  rams  preview  superbowl 
18 days ago by rgl7194
2018 LA Rams training camp preview: QB Jared Goff’s time to shine - Turf Show Times
It’s Jared Goff’s third year in the NFL. If he’s going to step up and join the game’s best quarterbacks, this would be a good time to do it...
In April of 2016 just months after receiving approval to relocate from St. Louis to LA, the Los Angeles Rams made a blockbuster trade sending their first-round, second-round and two third-round picks in the 2016 NFL Draft and their first-round and third-round picks from the 2017 NFL Draft to the Tennessee Titans for the #1 overall pick in 2016 along with a fourth- and sixth-round pick.
They of course used that first selection of the draft to take QB Jared Goff out of Cal.
The early results were frightening.
A historically inept offense which was even extreme for the standards for then Head Coach Jeff Fisher saw Goff start the last seven games of the season going 0-7 and putting up a horrendous season statistically.
Year 2 was quite different.
preview  goff  football  rams 
18 days ago by rgl7194
2018 Los Angeles Rams training camp preview: Countdown to Camp #3 - Defensive dominance - Turf Show Times
Long billed as the stronger unit to a feckless offense, the balance changed in 2017. With so much firepower on offense, will the new personnel of such high name recognition help push the Rams’ defense into the top tier?
Starting in 2010, the Los Angeles Rams became a team powered by their defense. Partially because their offenses stunk and partially because their defenses didn’t, the team’s overall outputs were often determined less by the fecklessness on offense as much as whether or not the defense could take over games.
The quality of the personnel wasn’t beyond most observers grasps.
Just three years ago, MMQB’s Andy Benoit anointed the Rams’ defense as what would be the NFL’s best for the 2015 season. Frustratingly, that defense would finish 13th in the NFL in points allowed and a wildly disappointing 23rd in yards allowed. The next year, former Head Coach Jeff Fisher’s last, the Rams improved into the top 10 in yards allowed but dropped to 23rd in points allowed.
football  rams  preview 
18 days ago by rgl7194
2018 Los Angeles Rams training camp preview: Countdown to Camp #4 - Mouths to feed - Turf Show Times
The Rams’ offense employs a variety of talented players at the skill positions. How then to supply everyone with the opportunity to succeed?
The Los Angeles Rams have a bit of a problem on offense.
A good problem, but a problem nonetheless.
WR Cooper Kupp hauled in 62 catches on 94 targets for 869 yards as a rookie last year. WR Robert Woods added nearly 800 yards from his 56 receptions out of 85 targets in just 12 games missing a few due to a shoulder injury. WR Sammy Watkins added almost 600 yards from 39 catches on 70 targets though hitting the end zone more frequently with eight touchdowns to Kupp’s and Woods’ five. And RB Todd Gurley’s near-MVP campaign saw him put up seven more receiving yards than Woods on 64 receptions from 87 targets.
Of course that doesn’t include the tight ends or rotational wide receivers which gets at the core problem for the 2018 Los Angeles Rams’ offense.
There are too many mouths to feed.
football  rams  preview 
18 days ago by rgl7194
Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 trailer will resonate with TOS fans | Ars Technica
A not-so-new captain "requests permission to come aboard."
After a raucous Season 1, CBS dropped a first glimpse into the forthcoming Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery last Friday at San Diego Comic-Con International. The season will begin January 2019.
Spoilers ahead. If you continue to read and then complain about spoilers, you'll be sent to Rura Penthe.
Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery ended with the Disco coming bow-to-bow with the most famous starship of them all, the Enterprise.
The new trailer opens with a Michael Burnham voiceover, superimposed on a series of gorgeous images of stars and nebulae as it transitions into some new short scenes.
2010s  preview  star_trek  streaming  tv 
18 days ago by rgl7194
2018 Los Angeles Rams training camp preview: Countdown to Camp #5 - The Sean McVay era - Turf Show Times
We’re breaking down the five top storylines for training camp starting with the man at the top who turned things around for the Rams in 2017.
With just five weekdays until the Los Angeles Rams’ 2018 training camp opens on Thursday next week, let’s run down the five biggest storylines headed into camp.
#5: The Sean McVay Era hits Year 2
A year ago, the Rams limped out of their 2016 season embarrassed. Having returned to LA amid wild fanfare and intrigue for the country’s second-biggest market after more than 20 years without NFL football, the Rams responded with a 4-12 season that saw 2016 NFL Draft #1 overall pick QB Jared Goff go 0-7 with despicable statistical output, star RB Todd Gurley average less than 60 yards a game and a 4-12 record on the back of firing then-Head Coach Jeff Fisher.
Enter Sean McVay. Nobody expected immediate results. Nobody predicted on-field success. Nobody saw a division championship in the making.
football  rams  coach  preview 
19 days ago by rgl7194

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