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2020 Toyota Supra Price – Release Date, Pricing, Trim Levels
Toyota's coupe with a standard inline-six costs about the same as its four-cylinder BMW Z4 sibling.
See our full story on the 2020 Toyota Supra including horsepower, specs, and interior details as well as all the information on the Launch Edition.
The 2020 Toyota Supra is finally here, and the official numbers are rolling in. The new sports car starts at $50,920, and all models come with a BMW-sourced turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Compared with its sibling, the droptop BMW Z4, the Toyota hardtop is shaping up to be the better value. It is priced only $225 higher than the Z4 30i, which comes with a significantly less powerful turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.
Here are all the pricing details on the Supra's trim levels and option packages.
The base Supra 3.0 ($50,920) includes these features as standard...
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4 days ago by rgl7194
Sneak: Here is the HW Car Culture Nissan Skyline R32 – theLamleyGroup
In case you missed it, the upcoming Nissan Skyline R32 – already causing a stir in the new Premium Fast & Furious line – is set to hit soon in Car Culture. Hot Wheels Marketing Manager Jimmy Liu gave us a sneak while he was meandering about in London over the holidays...
It’ll be part of Open Track, coming soon.
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6 days ago by rgl7194
Sneak: Here is the 2019 Hot Wheels Honda Civic Type R FK8 – theLamleyGroup
Catching up on all the sneaks the HW Design Team has been rolling out.
Honestly, when I scrolled into this post the other day, I did not think I was looking at a Hot Wheels. Partly great photography, but mostly a great model. We have seen a lot of the FK8 Type R in 1/64, and for good reason. It feels fresh, and a return to glory for Honda. It should be a Hot Wheels car, and Ryu and the gang nailed it.
cars  hot_wheels  honda  preview  instagram 
6 days ago by rgl7194
The 10 Most Anticipated Sequels of 2019 | Lists | Consequence of Sound
LEGOs, John Wick, and three generations of Shaft are among the big returns this year
Sequels are the engine on which Hollywood runs, at least these days. Studios are so thoroughly gun-shy about the prospect of handing nine figures to any unproven property that to get the kind of money that makes money, you have to have been there before. We’ve talked in recent days about some of the reboots that are going to flood the market in 2019, but today (for the final leg of our year-in-preview film week), we’re going to talk about the direct continuations of some of film’s biggest franchises.
This year, we get new entries from the small multicolored brick department, the Keanu Reeves kills strangers department, and a new installment of the biggest non-Marvel franchise going these days, which Disney also owns. You’ve seen a lot of Disney all week through our film previews, and you’ll see a bit more here, but they’re hardly the only big player involved in this year’s crop of soon-to-be megahits. We’ll have more giant monsters, more people in Black, and even the third-generation revival of a renowned everyday hero.
movies  preview  top_ten  MiB  thriller  f&f  sci-fi  star_wars  cartoons  wick  action 
7 days ago by rgl7194
McLaren Teases 600LT Spider, the Newest Longtail Model
Said to be the fifth Longtail model in McLaren's history; all we can see so far is its rear deck.
McLaren has promised a new Longtail model will join its lineup soon. For those who don't speak Woking, that means another iteration of the brand's high-performance special-edition theme, which is named after its epic F1-based Longtail (LT) race cars from the 1990s. Recent LTs include the 650S-based 675LT and the 570S-based 600LT. Based on the teaser image McLaren provided of its latest LT, we can see that it will be a 600LT Spider.
How can we tell? The cutlines in the roof pillars visible on the right side of the image above are an indication that the LT is a convertible, and the rear buttresses match those of the regular 570S Spider. The upward-exiting exhaust outlets are dead ringers for those on the 600LT coupe, as are the large rear wing and the rest of the rear deck.
McLaren has already done a 675LT Spider, so there's precedent for a hard-core roofless sports car in the lineup. Based on what's known about the coupe we've already driven, here's what we can expect from the 600LT Spider: a 592-hp twin-turbocharged V-8 engine (up 30 horses over the 570S), chassis upgrades for extra track performance, and, yes, a longer tail (translation: more rear wing and aero enhancements).
While McLaren hasn't given specific numbers, it says the 600LT coupe is a low-production model. Just 500 675LT coupes and 500 675LT Spiders will built, excluding a few dozen special editions, and we expect 600LT production numbers will be slightly higher. The 600LT coupe starts at just over $240,000, and the new Spider version should command a price at least $10,000 higher.
Final details are scheduled to drop January 16, so stay tuned.
mclaren  cars  preview  racing 
8 days ago by rgl7194
Preview buttons in CMS
In today's nerdy tweetstorm, we're going to talk about the problem of retrofitting the ever-popular CMS "Preview" button in multichannel publishing — especially decoupled systems where the CMS is just used for editorial work.
cms  preview 
12 days ago by spaceninja
Preview: The Hot Wheels 2018 RLC Exclusive Super Treasure Hunt Set hits January 15th. here is a look. – theLamleyGroup
The Hot Wheels 50th celebration has bled into 2019, but I don’t think anyone will complain.
On January 15h, the RLC Exclusive Super TH set will be made available for purchase to RLC Members. It will be priced at $199 and like every year produced in low numbers.
Mattel has done this set with special packaging for the last few years. And while the packaging has always been nice, for 2018 the set goes next level. Julian Koiles, famous for his Car Culture card art, took on the project, and it is absolutely stunning.
Mattel sent a set over for me to preview. Have a look...
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  video  preview 
15 days ago by rgl7194
Insurtech Front Page Weekly CXO Briefing – Prospect, a preview for 2019 – Daily Fintech
The Theme last week was a review for InsurTech in 2018. The Theme this week, at the beginning of 2019 is Prospect, a preview for 2019. What trends have the potential to impact future market? Which startups should you pay attention to? Let’s find out.
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15 days ago by marshallk

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