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The Nazi War on Cancer
> The Danzig surgeon Erwin Liek (1878-1935) was one of the more vocal heralds of the Nazi approach to cancer. Liek is a complex and fascinating person whom we shall reencounter in our discussion of Nazi food fashions (see chapter 5). He is widely reviled today as the "father of Nazi medicine"; yet he was also a cosmopolitan world traveler who managed to publish kind words of praise for Freud as late as 1934. In his thirty-year professional career he produced writings on a broad range of topics—including a stirring attack on overzealous human experimentation—but he was best known for his critique of the "spiritual crisis" of modern medicine, medicine enervated by specialization, bureaucratization, and scientization, warped by greed and myopia but also by its failure to appreciate the natural capacity of the body to heal itself. Liek was a hands-on practitioner but also something of a romantic, yearning after simpler times when science was not the be-all and end-all of medicine, when the doctor-patient relationship was (purportedly) intimate and sacred. As founding editor of Hippokrates, a magazine of general health interest with strong ties to homeopathy and the natural foods movement, he helped to usher in a broader and more holistic medicine of the sort embraced by many Nazi leaders—medical men like Kurt Klare, Karl Kötschau, Walter Schultze, and Ernst Günther Schenck, but also high-placed politicos like Heinrich Himmler, Julius Streicher, Rudolf Hess, and even Hitler himself.
hitler  germany  wwii  nazi  cancer  prevention  medicine 
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(185) Deutschland, Deine Döner - Was essen wir da eigentlich? | betrifft - YouTube
Phosphate im Essen = langzeit nierenschaden
Fake Doener
&! Die Fleischlüge: Warum Panscher nicht aufzuhalten sind - Frontal 21 | ZDF -
&! horse meat scandal
&! - Beef scare: Polish bad meat spreads to 11 EU states
&! - Die Tricks der Fleischindustrie
Gammelfleisch  Fleisch  self-regulation  regulation  regulators  public  health  profit-maximisation  phosphate  Food  risk  prevention  Zusatzstoffe  panschen  Lebensmittel  transparency  quality  scandal  meat  horsemeat 
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Hawaii may increase legal smoking age to 100 - BBC News
Dr Creagan, who was an emergency room physician before he was elected as state representative in 2014, calls the cigarette "the deadliest artefact in human history" in the bill.

In January 2017, Hawaii became the first US state to raise its smoking age to 21. In other US states the legal age is usually 18 or 19.
tobacco  public  health  prevention  Cancer 
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(4) 'Why I'm no longer vegan' INSANITY - Dr. Davis - YouTube
Ethic vegans are junk food vegans. any junk food diet is long-term bad even if it is vegan (eg only juices).
Not health vegans. Dr Michael Greger and Co.
Vegan  Ethics  whole-food  plant-based  fibre  soy  beans  grains  legumes  B12  prevention  public  health  Iron  folate  Iodine  omega-3  VitaminD 
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Patchy progress on obesity prevention: emerging examples, entrenched barriers, and new thinking - The Lancet
Patchy progress on obesity prevention: emerging examples, entrenched barriers, and new thinking N.B. Exercise has health benefits,esp. obesity related health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and dementia, but exercise has little direct impact on reducing obesity (Why doing more exercise won’t help you burn more calories/New Scientist 16/1/2019 "Forget the idea that to lose weight you just need to work off more calories than you consume. The truth is far weirder")
Dr Christina A Roberto, MD
Boyd Swinburn, MD
Corinna Hawkes, PhD
Prof Terry T-K Huang, PhD
health  obesity  global  prevention 
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Is the NHS's long-term plan workable? - BBC News
Bleak picture
Budgets for public health (including prevention) and training of nurses, doctors and other staff have not yet been set out and, if less generous than the NHS settlement, they could affect the ability of the service to deliver the long-term plan, in the view of the report authors.

And what of the short term? The watchdog paints a bleak picture.

The financial health of some trusts, it says, is getting worse.
NHS  social  care  Council  elderly  adult  long-term  plan  Theresa  May  Conservative  Austerity  chronic  sickcare  sick  population  ageing  demographics  Cancer  Obesity  CVD  diabetes  rationing  mental  health  staff  crisis  hiring  locum  CAMHS  prevention  public  Privatisation 
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How diet is changing - the good and the bad - BBC News
But on other measures, diet has not improved, the report, from the Food Standards Agency and Public Health England, says.

Fruit and vegetable consumption remains largely unchanged and is still under the recommended five-a-day level.
Fibre intake has fallen slightly, while vitamin and mineral consumption is down.

And there has been little change in oily fish intake.
UK  chronic  sick  population  obesity  public  health  prevention  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  NHS  sickcare  demand  premature  ageing  diet  western  S.A.D. 
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Common Colds: Protect Yourself and Others | Features | CDC
Sore throat and runny nose are usually the first signs of a cold, followed by coughing and sneezing. Most people recover in 7-10 days or so. You can help reduce your risk of getting a cold by washing your hands often and avoid touching your face with unwashed hands.
cdc  common  cold  prevention  information  infection 
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Objective-See BlockBlock
"BlockBlock continually monitors common persistence locations and displays an alert whenever a persistent component is added to the OS." In beta.
software  macos  security  prevention 
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(2179) Volksdroge Alkohol – warum dürfen wir uns zu Tode trinken? | DokThema | Doku - YouTube
die Kosten des Alkohols:
health economics 10x mehr kosten als steuern und arbeitsplaetze
alkohol steuer + werbeverbot (1mrd eur pro jahr deutschland) + verfuegbarkeitseinschaenkungen
Alcohol  public  health  prevention  Cancer  self-medication  abuse  NAFLD  obesity  economics  nudge  lobby  vested  interest 
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