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Alternatives to a Panic Button by LittleMousling
Spencer pretends to be Brendon's boyfriend to keep the creeper fans away from him, until he starts wishing it weren't pretend.
Fic  Bandom  Slash  Brendon/Spencer  PretendDating  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Nov2019 
17 days ago by paraka
To Take What I'm Given With Grace by likeasugarcube
Pete wants to quit his soul sucking job at his father's firm, but he needs a spouse before he can collect on his trust fund. Patrick has just lost the scholarship to his music program at college. When a mutual friend introduces them, Pete comes up with a plan that could help them both out. What could possibly go wrong?
Fic  TTS  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  AU  Mundane!AU  PretendDating  Marriage  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Aug2019  Rec 
august 2019 by paraka
So, So Fucked by reni_days, read by pennyplainknits
Pete accidentally "outs" himself and Patrick on Good Morning America. Only problem? They're not gay. What now?
Podfic  Bandom  Slash  Pete/Patrick  PretendDating  First_Time  Time1:00-1:30  Aug2019  Rec 
august 2019 by paraka
Xmas in Connecticut by Yahtzee
In December 1944, the entire nation loves Rebecca Lawrence - "America's Most Beloved Homemaker." Her columns about leading the ideal life in the country help lift people's spirits on the home front during World War II. But when her publisher asks her to host a war hero for Christmas dinner, the world is in danger of learning the truth ... which is that "Rebecca Lawrence" is imaginary. Really, she's a combination of Raven's snappy writing and Charles' knowhow in the kitchen.

However, this war hero, Erik Lehnsherr, is headed to Connecticut, so Raven and Charles have no choice but to find a way to make the imaginary real - at least, just for Christmas. Charles thinks they can pull it off, at least until he opens the door to see Erik and falls in love at first sight.
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Het  AU  NonPowerAU  Undercover  PretendDating  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Jul2019  Rec 
july 2019 by paraka
Of Convenience by Butterynutjob
A day when one loses one's job, one's fiance, and one's inheiritance is a pretty bad day. Charles Xavier is out of money and he and his pregnant sister Raven are about to be homeless unless Charles is willing to take drastic actions involving the handsome new German immigrant, Erik Lehnsherr.
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  NonPowerAU  PretendDating  ArrangedMarriage  First_Time  WC:25K-50K  Jul2019  Rec 
july 2019 by paraka
For The Love of Pumpkin Pie by Butterynutjob
Need a date for Thanksgiving? Mad at your dad? I am a 28-year-old felon with no high school degree, and a dirty old van one year younger than me covered in graffiti. I can play anywhere between the ages of 25 and 35 depending on if I shave. I’m a line cook and work late nights at a bar. If you’d like to have me as your strictly platonic date for Thanksgiving, but have me pretend to be in a very long or serious relationship with you, to torment your family, I’m game.
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  Mundane!AU  NonPowerAU  PretendDating  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Jul2019 
july 2019 by paraka
The Trouble with Telepaths by Annapods, written by endingthemes
“Are you shy about me meeting your family?” Erik asks with a huge smile. “Are you kidding me?”
“It’s not funny,” Charles says, his hands firmly planted on his hips, and it’s honestly hilarious so Erik laughs right in his face.
(Or a Star Trek AU in which Captain Erik Lehnsherr pays a visit to First Officer Charles Xavier's home planet and encounters a few surprises.)
Podfic  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  Fusion  AUStillHavePowers  SpaceAU  PretendDating  First_Time  Time0:45-1:00  Jun2019  Rec 
june 2019 by paraka
Come Alive by kianspo
Arthur Pendragon, the youngest Detective Inspector in Camelot, whose job is rumoured to be cursed, stumbles over a series of crimes no one can explain. Merlin Emrys, a constantly broke student working at a shady nightclub to pay the bills, comes in as a sketch artist - one with an unusual gift. The shadow of magic, supposedly eradicated centuries ago, makes things so much more dangerous for everyone. It's hardly a good time to fall in love.
Fic  TTS  Merlin  Slash  Merlin/Arthur  AU  Modern_AU  Magic  CopAU  PretendDating  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  Apr2019  Rec 
april 2019 by paraka
Baby It's Cold Outside by rainbowdracula
In which Peter needs a fake boyfriend to keep nosy alphas away during the annual Stark Industries Christmas retreat. Matt has the (mis)fortune of being attractive and good at lying.

A Christmas love story.
Fic  Daredevil  Spider-Man  Slash  Peter/Matt  AU  A/B/O  PretendDating  First_Time  WC:5K-10K  Jan2019 
january 2019 by paraka
In the Bleak Midwinter by keire_ke
It is not easy to find out, well into the second decade of the twenty-first century, that your mother arranged a marriage for you. It is even less easy to convince her that you have no interest in the very fertile Magda, she of the wide hips and lustrous auburn hair. Fortunately, with a good friend at his side over the holiday weekend, Erik is sure he will prevail.
Fic  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  AUStillHavePowers  Family  PretendDating  First_Time  WC:10K-25K  Oct2018  via:pru 
october 2018 by paraka
dirtynumbangelboy - magpie_fngrl - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
After Harry’s unfortunate encounter with his ex, Draco Malfoy makes him a proposition. Draco wants his parents to stop matchmaking him and Harry wants to make his ex jealous. All they need to do is simply pretend they’re in love. Problem is… Draco already is.
HarryPotter  draco/harry  length:long.20k-50k  magpie_fngrl  pretenddating 
january 2018 by isweedan
Summer Holiday
pretend relationshipping because your partner got you reservations at non-het island resort and also gangsters
cirnellie  muncle  length:medium.5k-10k  pretenddating  napoleon/illya  from twitter
january 2017 by isweedan
Make My Wish Come True
Jack makes up a pretend boyfriend in a didn't-go-to-samwell AU and the bf sounds a lot like shitty's friend Eric
lady_ragnell  checkplease!  length:medium.5k-10k  jack/bitty  pretenddating  from twitter
december 2016 by isweedan
At the Ready
Good fic is such a drug - this one about Poe Dameron volunteering to be Leia's pretend-boytoy for a mission is A+++

She could tell Dameron to light himself on fire and he'd say absolutely, General, happy to help! Of course she tried not to, but if he kept insisting on volunteering for missions without bothering to find out the parameters first, well. Maybe he deserved what he got.
length:short.1k-5k  poe/leia  StarWars  atrata  pretenddating  from twitter
october 2016 by isweedan
but like waves
In the splapshot to the heart collection, pr_scatterbrain wrote some EARLY DAYS sid/geno Pretend Wedding Date dating


Over their season and a half together, Sidney has become one of Evgeni’s closest friends. Maybe they can’t always understand what the other is saying, but Evgeni’s always felt that they understood each other. However there is a reason the Penguins drank shots for each person Sidney unknowingly turned down the last time they went out to celebrate after a win. The hangovers half the team ended up with were evidence of it.

Sidney really is that oblivious – and that’s with people who speak the same language as him.

He would have no idea if he was being introduced to Ksenia’s great aunt as Evgeni’s boyfriend at the Gonchar's vow renewal.

hockeyrpf  SidneyCrosby/EvgeniMalkin  length:medium.5k-10k  pr_scatterbrain  pretenddating  from twitter
march 2016 by isweedan
But I'm a Stormtrooper!
Finn and Poe are undercover as a pretend couple and there are amusingly named cocktails


A Resistance pilot and a reformed stormtrooper walk into a bar. Finn's not sure what the punchline is, but he's almost certain it's gonna hurt. (He's wrong.)
length:short.1k-5k  ester_inc  StarWars  finn/poe  pretenddating  from twitter
january 2016 by isweedan
The Rummy Affair of the Brinkley Ball
The Rummy Affair of the Brinkley Ball Jeeves and Wooster and a fun hijinks filled event with pretend dating



In which there are unlikely allies, a party, and everyone is everyone else's beard.
culumacilinte  yuletide  length:medium.5k-10k  jeevesandwooster  jeeves/wooster  pretenddating  from twitter
january 2016 by isweedan
Out of This Place
Marcus's disagreeable uncle invites them to rome and while they are there esca does a pretend relationship
sineala  theeagle  marcus/esca  length:medium.5k-10k  pretenddating  from twitter
january 2016 by isweedan
A Case Study in Non-Traditional Pack Dynamics
Carey takes PK to the Greater Pacific Northwest Werewolf Symposium there is pretend relationshipping

"Well, you're going to have to bring him along anyway," Kayla says.

"Bring me where?" PK asks, flipping his menu open.

"The Greater Pacific Northwest Werewolf Symposium," Kayla says. "Duh."
7iris  length:medium.5k-10k  careyprice/pksubban  hockeyrpf  werewolves  pretenddating  from twitter
december 2015 by isweedan
jump, check parachute
Foggy Nelson: good at law, terrible at feelings. Needless pining friends w/benefits -> friends to lovers :DDD
augustbird  length:medium.10k-20k  daredevil  matt/foggy  pretenddating  from twitter
august 2015 by isweedan

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