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The Ramps to Nowhere: Going, but not quite gone - Curbed Seattle
Citizens fighting for preservation revolted against the project, and it was eventually abandoned in 1971—with a couple functional ramps running through the Arboretum, but many remaining there as ghost ramps that would never lead from or to anywhere.
seattle  construction  roads  nature  preservation 
7 days ago by bwiese
The High-Tech Art Collector - SFGate
One of the only museums in the country that collects websites is the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Internet-based art is not being collected by private collectors and it is impossible to put a price tag on them because they are readily available over the Internet. But they are of value as examples of a new form of graphic design.

Starting last year [1997], Aaron Betsky, SFMOMA's curator of architecture and design, began collecting websites. He has already collected seven and plans to collect enough for a full-blown show in the future. Betsky collects the designs and burns them onto a CD-ROM. So far, the museum has not paid any money for these websites, which include, atlas, speak magazine and posttool, but they have paid for the creation of the CD-ROMs if the website is really strapped for cash. Betsky says the websites have already increased in value because two of the websites he collected have since ceased to exist.

"The reason museums collect is not based on monetary value," Betsky said. "They collect things because they think they are worthwhile parts of our culture that deserve to be shown, seen and preserved."

In Betsky's words: "What interests me is that the confluence of different programs have created a particular appearance and logic of design that can only work on the Web. Text, images and color are continually changing. They are getting better and better but at the same time more and more the same. There's a race between the McDonaldization of Web design and exuberance of young designers who want to try new things. It's an important aspect of what's going on in graphic design. And it's graphic design concentrated in the Bay Area and we have a special commitment to that."
preservation  network  art  collection  museum  defect  +++++ 
16 days ago by jonippolito
digital preservation
NLA guidelines on digital Preservation
digital  preservation  NLA 
18 days ago by Kye.
NCSA Brown Dog
Research data management and preservation for non-structured data too.
data-management  service  infrastructure  digital-humanities  preservation  archive 
19 days ago by mjlassila
Yale announces software recovery project
Anderson suggested four different ideas for investigation: a digital reading room to allow students to access special University collections online; a virtual CD-ROM library available internally with the potential for expansion to other institutions; a scientific research platform that will allow scientists to share their work with other researchers; and an a la carte service for students or faculty seeking to access a particular file.

“You can take an old file, submit it and receive it in an environment equipped with that emulation service,” Anderson said, referring to the fourth idea. He added that the service could prove particularly useful in academic research.

Anderson emphasized the role of collaboration in the project. His team is working closely alongside several partners, including German software developers from the University of Freiburg and members of the Software Preservation Network.

The virtual CD-ROM library will be available to Yale students and faculty members this spring or early summer, Anderson said.
emulation  education  preservation  ++++-  digitalcuration 
20 days ago by jonippolito
Silicon Valley Can't Be Trusted With Our History
We create almost everything on the internet, but we control almost none of it.
netcritique  socialmedia  selfhosted  homepages  articles  preservation 
20 days ago by mikael

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