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Probabilistic Programming
A developer's guide to probabilistic programming

Evelina Gabasova
math  stats  presentation  read-later 
7 hours ago by kmt
Paste - collaborative presentations
"Fast, collaborative presentations for creative teams. Share your work in realtime and collaborate with reactions, comments, and Slack integration. Embed files, links, and docs for strategy decks, design handoffs, brainstorms, research gathering. Integrates with Giphy, Figma, Dropbox, Google Docs, and more."
collaboration  design  presentation  creativity  slack  app  brainstorming 
10 hours ago by garrettc
Mastering ActiveRecord and Arel
Excellent guide to Arel & ActiveRecord. Wish it was not in presentation form, though.
ruby  rails  guide  presentation  slides  programming  development  database 
12 hours ago by Mr0grog
Barrel Herd | Sketch to PPT Converter🎊
Now you can convert sketch files to power point slides with Barrel herd. A light weight online tool for the Magic slides.
design  presentation  sketch  PPt  converter 
yesterday by adrianmg

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