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10 hours ago by euler
Ask HN: What alternatives to Powerpoint/Prezi are there? | Hacker News
If you're demonstrating any code, I find RISE to be magnificent. It's a plugin for Jupyter Notebooks that lets you present your code via reveal.js
Project: Original demo at PyCon:

Jarwain on Oct 28, 2017 [-]

After some googling, I found out how one can enable Prezi classic on an account that only has Prezi Next.
Make sure you're logged into your Prezi account, then go to this link: An editor or a 404 page may appear. Either way, Prezi classic is now enabled. You can access your dashboard again on the top right and switch between the two products in a drop down on the left.

minimaxir on Oct 28, 2017 [-]

Keynote for iCloud (the web-based version of iWork's Keynote) has close-to-feature-parity with the macOS/iOS versions.
Additionally, Keynote Live allows you to play a presentation and have viewers join via a URL, where they can view the presentation in sync on any device (macOS/iOS/Web), with feature parity to normal Keynote presentations.
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21 hours ago by euler
presentations as code - author cool slide decks, text-only, offline-ready, collaborative - arnehilmann/
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yesterday by lenciel
Using Envoy for data-aware traffic routing in Service Fabric
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2 days ago by summerwind

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