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The Vegan Cakery | 100% Vegan Bakery
Established with the dual purpose of producing the highest quality vegan cakes, pastries and treats, while also raising as much money as possible for a wide variety of animal charities and sanctuaries, TVC has become renowned as a leader in its field.
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20 days ago by markhgn
Paper Phone
An app that prints out the info you need for the day on a foldable sheet of paper. Neato. / via thingstoclick
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21 days ago by glass
Present perfect simple or present perfect continuous? - English Grammar Today - Cambridge Dictionary
“Mental process and sense verbs

“Some verbs are not used very often in the continuous form.

“We don’t use the continuous form with verbs of mental process (know, like, understand, believe):

“‘They haven’t known each other for very long.’

“Not: ‘They haven’t been knowing each other for very long.’

“We don’t use the continuous form with verbs of the senses (hear, smell, taste):

“‘Have you heard the news?

“Not: ‘Have you been hearing the news?’”
presentperfect  continuous  grammar  presentperfectcontinuous  perfect  present  2019 
28 days ago by handcoding
Grammar – intermediate | Present perfect simple and continuous | British Council LearnEnglish
“Look at these two sentences.

• ‘I’ve worked here for thirty years.’
• ‘I usually work in London but I’ve been working in Birmingham for the last 3 weeks.’

“We can use the present perfect simple to talk about how long when we view something as permanent. But the present perfect continuous is often used to show that something is temporary.”
continuous  presentperfect  present  2019  perfect  grammar  presentperfectcontinuous 
28 days ago by handcoding
Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous Tense?
“We use both of these tenses for finished and unfinished actions.

“The present perfect simple can be used (often with 'since' and 'for') to talk about unfinished actions that started in the past and are still true in the present. It's often used with stative verbs:
‘I've known John for three years.’

“The present perfect continuous can also be used (often with 'since' and 'for') to talk about unfinished actions that started in the past and are still true in the present. (Of course, we don't use the present perfect continuous with stative verbs): ‘She's been living here for three years.’”
presentperfectcontinuous  continuous  perfect  2019  present  presentperfect  grammar 
28 days ago by handcoding
LiveSurface : Concepts need Context : Context
Work in the real world with Context, a revolutionary Mac application that enables you to visualize your design ideas without leaving Illustrator. Created by a designer for designers, Context will change the way you work, again. Learn more
illustrator  mockup  plugin  design  present  client  adobe 
29 days ago by roggedoggelito
Original Mockups
provide solutions for the designer's problem of having to print the design in order to visualize it, allowing that the design is immediately accessible to the potential clients.
mockup  photoshop  design  present  client  context 
29 days ago by roggedoggelito

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