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Why Grammar Snobbery Has No Place in the Movement - Everyday Feminism
As per usual, what this comes down to is an issue of privilege (of course!). In fact, grammar snobbery comes down to an intersection of multiple privileges.
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march 2017 by laurenipsum
Strunk and White’s Macho Grammar Club - The Daily Beast
White’s equation is at least as old as the Austrian architect Adolf Loos’s 1908 essay “Ornament and Crime.” Crossing social Darwinism with Modernism, Loos argued that “the evolution of culture is synonymous with the elimination of ornament from useful objects.” Unrestrained by the rationalist superego of the Machine Age, the primitive impulses expressed in the urge to ornament drag us down the evolutionary ladder, warned Loos, back to the level of the Papuan who eats his enemies and “tattoos his skin, his boat, his paddles, in short everything he can lay hands on”—a theme White takes up a half-century later, cautioning “young writers” mesmerized by “the beat of new vocabularies, the exciting rhythms” of subcultural slang to beware “the spell of these unsettling drums.”
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december 2016 by Vaguery
The Fraught Interaction Design of Personalized Learning Products
The underfunded universities are going to paying a lot for suggestions about time management from the machine. And are students going take those suggestions or are teachers setting up to enforce them? Ah, you make learning fun!

"the perceived value of the product is directly related to the confidence that students and teachers have that the product is rendering an accurate diagnosis. That’s why I think products that provide black box diagnoses are doomed to market failure in the long term. As the market matures, students and teachers are going to want to know not only what the diagnosis is but what the basis of the diagnosis is, so that they can judge for themselves whether they think the machine is correct."
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august 2015 by mcmorgan
Language Log » Shakespeare's formless plays and the degenerate 18th century in France
[Warning: I found this interesting, as a reflection of one influential intellectual bureaucrat's thinking in the France of 1803 — the year of the Louisiana Purchase, the Haitian Revolution, and the start of the Napoleonic Wars. It's surprising that in 1803, just 14 years after the French revolution, the man in charge of public education in the Paris area is pining in print for the perfect politeness of Louis XIV's court, and railing against the "empty theories" of 18th-century political philosophy. Petitot's opinions about socio-culture degeneration strike me as analogous, mutatis mutandis, to those of some figures on the current American political scene. But you may well disagree, certainly about the interest and perhaps also about the analogy.]
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june 2015 by Vaguery

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