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Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, The Bone & Joint... : JBJS
Preprint servers may be perceived by some (and used by less scrupulous investigators) as evidence even though the studies have not gone through peer review; the public may not be able to discern an unreviewed preprint from a seminal article in a leading journal. We are concerned that publishing in a preprint server may be a self-serving move by individuals with secondary-gain incentives and by those whose work is unlikely to withstand serious scrutiny by peer-reviewed journals.
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21 days ago by juliusbeezer
OSF | Near and Far Transfer in Cognitive Training: A Second-Order Meta- Analysis
In Models 1 (k = 99) and 2 (k = 119), we investigated the impact of working-memory training on near-transfer (i.e., memory) and far-transfer (e.g., reasoning, speed, and language) measures, respectively, and whether it is mediated by the type of population. Model 3 (k = 233) extended Model 2 by adding six meta-analyses assessing the far-transfer effects of other cognitive-training programs (video-games, music, chess, and exergames). Model 1 showed that working-memory training does induce near transfer, and that the size of this effect is moderated by the type of population. By contrast, Models 2 and 3 highlighted that far-transfer effects are small or null.
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25 days ago by nhaliday
A Flow Procedure for the Linearization of Genome Sequence Graphs. | bioRxiv
This reminds me of a project Ted and I worked on, way back when, in Mike Stonebraker and Sam Madden's database class.
linearization  graph-genomes  bioinformatics  preprint  research-article  david-haussler  benedict-paten  genomics  sequence-analysis 
5 weeks ago by arthegall
RT : Submit your research as or

What are the benefits?
- DOI to use in your CV, citatio…
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PsyArXiv Preprints | A Suggestion for a New Interpretation of Dreams: Dreaming Is the Inverse of Anxious Mind-Wandering.
"This difference between the in-dream behaviour (avoidant) and the behaviour the in-dream situation demands (un-avoidant) highlights an anxiety present in the dreamer which can then be used to direct the focus of therapeutic treatment. Fourteen examples of dreams are presented, including seven examples of interpretation, three examples of successful dream content prediction (a first for an interpretive theory of dreams), and four examples of dreams which demonstrate how in-dream behaviour changes during successful therapy, three of which are my own."
dreaming  preprint  psyarxiv 
5 weeks ago by danhon
Assessing graph-based read mappers against a novel baseline approach highlights strengths and weaknesses of the current generation of methods | bioRxiv
"Graph genomes" require "graph mappers," but alignment to graph genomes doesn't have the same statistics or methods for assessing accuracy (both at the individual and global level) as traditional mapping against linear genomes.
bioinformatics  graph-algorithms  graph-genomes  sequence-analysis  alignment  research-article  preprint 
5 weeks ago by arthegall
When reading or a paper or , wouldn't it be great to be able to immediately see whether the…
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10 weeks ago by cdrago
We had a fantastic time w/ scientists from across the🗺️ for our journal club yesterday: a great…
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october 2018 by mozillascience
RT : Can we apply same principles for critical of a journal article to community review?
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august 2018 by aarontay
"The 2016 U.S. presidential election coincided with the rise the “alternative right” or “alt-right”. Although alt-right associates wield considerable influence on the current administration, the movement’s loose organizational structure has led to disparate portrayals of its members’ psychology. We surveyed 447 alt-right adherents on a battery of psychological measures, comparing their responses to those of 382 non-adherents. Alt-right adherents were much more distrustful of the mainstream media and government; expressed higher Dark Triad traits, social dominance orientation, and authoritarianism; reported high levels of aggression; and exhibited extreme levels of overt intergroup bias, including blatant dehumanization of racial minorities. Cluster analyses suggest that alt-right supporters may separate into two subgroups: one more populist and anti-establishment and the other more supremacist and motivated by maintaining social hierarchy. We argue for the need to give overt bias greater empirical and theoretical consideration in contemporary intergroup research."
preprint  psychology  personality  alt-right  social-psychology  mechanical-turk 
august 2018 by tsuomela
From PDF to bibliography in in one click, bookmarklet available at
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bookmarklets — Scholarcy
From PDF to bibliography in in one click, bookmarklet available at
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Need to navigate your to see how the figures relate to the results? Our has you c…
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july 2018 by cdrago
RT : . has introduced abstracts in its literature search, helping researchers get a more comprehensi…
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july 2018 by aarontay
RT : Hey let's all post versions of our work on servers like , so all biomechanics papers wil…
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