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Ice chest and space blanket - ePlaya
Foil-Sided Bubble Wrap is an excellent choice for a Radiant Barrier, and also provides some insulation at the same time. It has aluminized Mylar on both sides of bubble-wrap in the middle. With the foil bonded to the bubble wrap, it minimizes crinkling and hence better maintains its heat reflective properties. The outside foil with its high heat reflectance will reflect heat away. The bubble-wrap provides insulation, to reduce the rate that heat can conduct through to get at your cooler. The foil on the other side provides low emittance, so heat that gets through the bubble-wrap has a slow rate of being radiated at your cooler; but that doesn't provide much practical benefit as that foil is likely in contact with the cooler and will conduct that heat to its surface. Same issue with your idea of lining the inside of the cooler with a radiant barrier - low emittance means it slows down radiating heat that gets through the cooler walls to its contents, but on the practical side, both the air inside and those contents will be touching the bottom and sides and absorbing that heat through conduction - much more effective to keep that heat out to begin with. Price for FSBW can vary a lot, so check different sources.
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