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Data Wrangling Tools & Software | Trifacta
Data Wrangling with Trifacta allows you to discover, wrangle & visualize complex data quickly. Get Trifacta data wrangling software today. Learn more.
data  management  etl  cleansing  preparation 
9 days ago by kpieper876
National Preparedness Month
Since 2004, September is recognized as National Preparedness Month in the United States. What is the best way to protect your possessions in the event of an emergency?
emergency  preparation  planning 
4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
How to Prepare Your Wood Fence for Fall Weather
As you begin to make your fall preparations for your fence, consider these three initial steps to take first.
wood-fence  fall  preparation 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
5 Tips to Prepare Your A/C Unit for Fall
Getting a head start on winterizing your system is a great way to beat the rush of busy heating and cooling professional schedules, plus it gives you plenty of time to make any repairs or replacements you may need.
air-conditioning  fall  preparation 
5 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
CIBC’s Victor Dodig warns about global debt levels; urges Canada to prepare

Who/Where/Occasion: CIBC's CEO Victor Dodig, in a speech to the Empire Club

* alarm over rising global debt levels, warning that Canada needs to start preparing now for the next economic shock.
* some of the most acute threats to the global economy are beyond this country’s control, but cautioned Canadians not to get too comfortable while times are good.
* developing problems could ripple through interwoven financial markets around the world.
* “It sounds counterintuitive, but that same debt that helped the world recover is actually infusing risk into the global financial system today," ...“I think there’s a real serious global challenge of this low-interest-rate party developing a big hangover."

* clarify rules around foreign direct investment, which is falling in Canada. The main culprit is the uncertainty plaguing large business deals that require approval from Ottawa under opaque foreign-investment rules – and he cites the turmoil surrounding the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion as an example.
* more immigration to Canada, asking the government – which has already set higher immigration targets for the coming years – to open its arms even wider.
* governments and employers to work more closely with universities and colleges to match the skills graduates have to employers' needs, promoting what are known as the STEM disciplines – science, technology, engineering and math – as well as skilled trades.
* remove interprovincial trade barriers.
* allow companies to expense capital investments within one year to be more competitive with U.S. rules.

My Takeaways:
beyond_one's_control  CEOs  CIBC  complacency  debt  FDI  global_economy  interconnectedness  interest_rates  opacity  pipelines  preparation  resilience  speeches  uncertainty  Victor_Dodig  war_for_talent  threats 
5 weeks ago by jerryking
Why August is the Perfect Time to Prep Your Landscape for Labor Day Weekend
For busy families who plan to entertain during Labor Day weekend, now may be a good time to start the preparation process for your yard.
preparation  landscape  entertaining 
9 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
“Next” Practice for Building Customer Interest and Trust
"Next Practice Idea: Make this a mandatory follow-up of any call where you learn something from the customer.

Based on the discussion, the SDR/rep searches for information that is relevant to the discussion (on the Internet or other sources that the customer could access).
Identify 2 to 3 pieces of “independent” content–not from the company and not about your products–that you will share with the customer. (Share followups about your products and services when it makes sense, but keep that separate from this.)
Send the links to them with some commentary on why you chose them and why you think they should read it."
go-to-market  discovery  preparation  prospecting  trust 
9 weeks ago by jonerp

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