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Tips for Getting Your Skylight Ready for Winter
We know that you probably just finished your fall exterior maintenance checklist, but it’s now time to get started preparing for winter!
skylight  changing  seasons  winter  preparation 
7 days ago by Adventure_Web
Kubernetes Certified Administrator CKA – Walid A. Shaari – Medium
I had the pleasure recently of passing CNCF CKA exam, three weeks before that I have passed the Red Hat certificate of expertise platform as a service exam, e.g. Openshift, or what Redhat know calls…
kubernetes  cka  exam  preparation 
19 days ago by pinterb
Jupyter Notebooks and reproducible data science
Checking usability of Jupyter notebooks listed as SI in papers on Pubmed.
preparation  jupyter  reproducibility  notebooks 
22 days ago by benmorgan
Book. Very easy overview of survey development.
REL  Survey  Preparation 
25 days ago by bfoster

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