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CPO vehicle sales expected to hit another record
New-vehicle transaction prices have been going up, and interest rates have been on a steady climb following the Great Recession. These affordability issues appear to be nudging more buyers into used cars and trucks.
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24 days ago by automotive
Survey: 60% of Dealers Say New-Car Profits Declining - Dealer Ops - Auto Dealer Today
Used car median profit: $1,500 to $1,999 compared to new-car median profit of $500 to $999.
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29 days ago by automotive
Higher new-vehicle prices fuel used sales
Used-vehicle prices are, on average, 51 percent cheaper than new vehicles, and 31 percent cheaper from a monthly payment standpoint.
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8 weeks ago by automotive
Power analyst: There's gold in used
Gross per used vehicle fell from $1,471 in 2014 to $1,300 last year — still representing three times the profit potential per vehicle of franchised dealers' new-vehicle stock.
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8 weeks ago by automotive
Sales of ‘Gently Used’ Vehicles Increase as New-Vehicle Prices Rise
Their growing popularity reflects a consumer reaction to the rising cost of new vehicles. The average transaction price for those now averages nearly $38,000. That’s enough to send many consumers to the used-car lot.
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9 weeks ago by automotive
Subaru earns 7th straight ALG Residual Value Award | Auto Remarketing
In addition to the brand categories, the RVAs recognized the 2019 model-year vehicles in 26 individual segments that are expected to retain the highest percentage of original MSRP after three years.
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november 2018 by automotive
Subaru, Jaguar top ALG's Pre-Owned Value Awards | Auto Remarketing
The 2019 Pre-Owned Value Awards, also known as POVAs, recognize the 2-year-old used vehicles that are expected to have the lowest forecasted depreciation over the next three years.
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november 2018 by automotive
Auto industry prepares for used-vehicle future
As many dealers have said, the new-vehicle business is the only department they can't fully control.

Automakers largely dictate the dynamic of the new-vehicle market, dealers say.

And why wouldn't lenders and dealership groups have an eye toward the used-vehicle space as new-vehicle profit margins continue to tighten and new-car and new-truck prices continue to rise?
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november 2018 by automotive
Why AutoNation is teaming up with Fair
Through Fair, which launched in August 2017, consumers can use a mobile-phone app to shop for used-vehicle leases with no term. They scan their licenses to get prequalified for a range of monthly payments that include maintenance, a warranty, insurance and roadside assistance. Rather than stick to a two- or four-year lease term, with five days' notice, customers can return their vehicles whenever they want.
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november 2018 by automotive
Equifax: Vehicle Sales Down, Borrowing Up - Top News - Press Releases - Top News - Auto Dealer Today
“Despite a pace of sales that’s slightly off the record-setting mark of 2016, car shoppers are financing more through the midway point of this year, a clear reflection of the continued increase in the price of cars and trucks,” said Gunnar Blix, deputy chief economist for Equifax. “We’re also continuing to see strong sales activity for used vehicles, with the first half of 2018 on pace with what we saw in 2017, as shoppers realize they can find bargains on slightly used, off-lease vehicles that are readily available.”
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october 2018 by automotive
Strong Demand, Interest Rates Causing Jump in Used Car Prices |
Cars continue to see sharp declines as sales in September fell 21% compared to last year. The market share for cars came in under 30% for the second straight month, which means that the shortage of sedans in the used car market should continue for some time, inflating prices during that time. In short, the best deal may be a used SUV for a long time.
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october 2018 by automotive
Carfax Expands Role in Nissan, Infiniti CPO Programs - Top News - The Showroom - Top News - Auto Dealer Today
As part of the program benefits, Nissan and Infiniti CPO buyers now get enrolled in the free myCarfax service so they receive service and recall alerts for their vehicle from Carfax.
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october 2018 by automotive
Neutral Colours Boost Resale Value | Autosphere
Automotive data and valuations company, HPI, is warning against choosing an outlandishly coloured vehicle. Neutral colours like silver, grey, black or white are safe, while outlandish colours can shave thousands off the resale value of a vehicle. 
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october 2018 by automotive
2018 Resale Value Awards | J.D. Power
The brand receiving the most model-level awards is Lexus (five model-level awards), followed by Honda and Toyota with four model-level awards each. The RAM 3500 also has the best resale value in the industry.

Lexus: Lexus IS; Lexus NX; Lexus LS; Lexus GS; and Lexus GX
Honda: Honda Civic; Honda Accord; Honda Odyssey; and Honda Fit
Toyota: Toyota Tundra; Toyota Tacoma; Toyota 4Runner; and Toyota Sienna
Porsche: Porsche Cayman;  Porsche Boxster; and Porsche 911
Subaru: Subaru WRX and Subaru Crosstrek
Dodge: Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger
Other models that rank highest in their respective segments are Acura ILX, Audi Q3, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover LR4, and RAM 3500.
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october 2018 by automotive
Cadillac, Buick draw oldest used-car buyers; Mazda, VW get youngest | Auto Remarketing
Here is a list of the average age of buyers at CarMax among the 22 most popular brands the company sells:
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october 2018 by automotive
Upstream Remarketing Keeping Used-Vehicle Values Strong - Top News - DP's Office - Top News - Auto Dealer Today
Depreciation through the first half of 2018 stands at 13.7%, which is much lower than the 16.3% rate recorded one year ago. According to Kontos, that means used-vehicle values are performing about 3% better this year than they were in the first half of 2017.
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october 2018 by automotive
Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index Up 5.1% in July - Top News - DP's Office - Top News - Auto Dealer Today
"The catalyst for even stronger price movement this summer is the fear of import tariffs leading to higher prices in the future,” the firm noted in its report. “Higher prices and the related declining level of supply create a psychological feedback loop for consumers, encouraging buying now with the expectation that prices may be higher later.”
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october 2018 by automotive
CarMax boosts online buying
CarMax is among a growing group of retailers bolstering e-commerce options as automakers forecast that online sales will represent a big chunk of future business.

By 2025, for example, Porsche expects 30 percent of its vehicle sales will be online, and Mercedes-Benz estimates online sales will account for 25 percent of its volume.
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july 2018 by automotive

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