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New leadership, same old problems - BBC News
new money won't be seen till next year, new winter crisis is coming for sure, and the wait lists will get even longer. - Health think tanks argue that the 3.4% is really only enough to cope with rising demand, never mind improving care.

Hospital sources point out that the new money won't come to the NHS until next year.

Nothing extra so far has been allocated for this winter and the intense pressure seen in the first months of this year is likely to be repeated.

There is every chance that waiting lists for routine surgery will get longer and accident and emergency performance won't get better.

Even with the £6bn cash boost next year, there are warnings that there won't be any rapid improvement. His instincts will be to tell the service to get on with job with the money it has. But that conviction will be tested in the depths of winter if hospitals are struggling to cope. [...] Also plays with part-privatisation of Elderly Care - asking people to take out a private insurance ... or lose their home ...
Matt  Hancock  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  NHS  Austerity  sick  care  demand  chronic  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  CVD  diabetes  Cancer  Council  Social  adult  elderly  rationing  mental  health  Privatisation 
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May's extra cash for NHS is not enough, says spending watchdog | Society | The Guardian
NAO’s Sir Amyas Morse warns more is needed to meet needs of a changing population [...] But Morse said the funding increase would only serve to maintain current service levels and would not be enough to meet the needs of a rapidly changing demographic. // &! Tory councils join demand for tax increases to fund social care services - - An astonishing nine in every 10 local authorities say that taxation must now be part of the solution in securing the viability of adult social care, according to a comprehensive survey of council leaders and senior figures responsible for care.

Concerns have been growing as a result of another delay to government proposals on resolving the crisis and complaints that pledged funding for care has been diverted to the NHS. // &! SOCIAL CARE - & //&! - The founding principles of the health service must be extended to social care. Otherwise the NHS will be run into the ground
NHS  ageing  population  social  adult  elderly  care  Council  Austerity  sickcare  demand  demographic  bubble  Theresa  May  Simon  Stevens  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity  overweight  self-medication  Tories  Conservative  Party  premature  GP  CQC 
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'Tax and regulate more to improve health' - BBC News
The independent analysis, produced for the BBC, said the success of the smoking ban and sugary drinks tax should embolden ministers.

The experts also said the fear of the "nanny state" tag was unfounded as polling suggested the public have an appetite for tough action.

It comes after ministers in England unveiled new plans for child obesity.
They pointed out that seven in 10 adults do not meet the recommended guidelines in relation to diet, physical activity, drinking and smoking.

But despite this, polling carried out for the report by Ipsos MORI found that 85% of people believe they have a "great deal of responsibility" for keeping healthy.

The survey of more than 2,000 people in the UK also showed a significant degree of support for taxes and regulation.
UK  obesity  public  health  childhood  sickcare  NHS  CVD  overweight  Cancer  diabetes  prevention  Sugar  Tax  premature  ageing 
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Theresa May faces dilemma over NHS cash boost, says IFS | Business | The Guardian
PM will have to either raise taxes, slash public spending or break her own spending rules - “The government is in a bind,” the IFS said. “It is extremely doubtful that large additional cuts to spending on other public services are either feasible politically or consistent with maintaining quality.

“So unless it is able and willing to implement tax rises or further cuts to the social security budget over the rest of this parliament it is hard to see how a significant injection of additional cash into the NHS would be consistent with the government’s stated fiscal objective.”
NHS  Austerity  sickcare  demand  ageing  chronic  sick  population  premature  obesity  Cancer  diabetes  CVD  public  health  demographic  bubble  UK  Council  adult  social  care 
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Antibiotics greatly reduce effectiveness of immunotherapy for cancer – study | Society | The Guardian
UK research finds patients who took antibiotics during immunotherapy lived half as long as those who avoided them
Cancer  immunotherapy  Autoimmune  Disease  immune  system  premature  ageing 
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Rise in 'preventable' emergency readmissions to hospital - BBC News
pressure on bed blocking so high that people get discharged to early. Doctors are Drahtseilakt without a net
NHS  Austerity  bedblocking  Council  sickcare  demand  ageing  premature  population  chronic  sick  demographic  bubble  care 
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Tax rises needed 'to prevent NHS misery' - BBC News
Small NHS funding rise would be 'disastrous'
Health committee chair Sarah Wollaston says a funding increase of 3% will "not be high enough" to protect the NHS in the future.

She was speaking after a warning from two think tanks that spending is going to have to rise very substantially on the NHS and that extra tax could be the only way to pay for it.
NHS  Austerity  sickcare  demand  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  chronic  healthcare  population  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity 
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Bev Humphrey: ‘The underfunding of the NHS is almost conspiratorial’ | Society | The Guardian
Humphrey believes the health service is now close to breaking point and that government policy is to blame. “The chronic underfunding of the NHS is almost conspiratorial,” she says. “The way it has been starved of money for the last seven years is scandalous. We haven’t got to this decade to find everyone is suddenly iller. I fear the government will turn around in a few years and say, ‘Look, we have given you money and it hasn’t worked – we need a new system.’ I am concerned this would lead to a compulsory insurance model.” It would create a two-tier system, she feels. “The NHS is not only a very efficient service, it’s also clinically excellent. If we move away from that [a service that is free at the point of need] there’s no going back. What you would end up with is very poor quality services for the poorest and those who need it most.”
NHS  Austerity  mental  health  CAMHS  Privatisation  CQC  sickcare  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  demand  population 
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Chips: Forscher ergründen Suchtgefahr - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Essen = Droge

Manche Forscher vergleichen die Wirkung von Essen auf das Gehirn mit der von Drogen, wobei der Botenstoff Dopamin eine große Rolle spielt. Sie fürchten auch beim Essen eine Art Teufelskreis: Man braucht immer mehr von einer bestimmten Substanz, um den gleichen euphorischen Zustand, das gleiche Belohnungsgefühl, zu bekommen - man wird süchtig danach.
obesity  NHS  overweight  S.A.D.  western  diet  lifestyle  self-medication  food  addiction  USA  UK  Germany  NAFLD  abuse  junk  fast  Salt  Sugar  Fat  dopamine  chronic  sick  population  sickcare  Diabetes  premature  ageing 
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