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Patients' concerns over chronic pain treatment removal - BBC News
"The difficulty is that if you look at really well controlled randomised trials of this form of treatment there isn't an overwhelming evidence that it's effective in the population."
NHS  CCG  rationing  NICE  placebo  effect  crisis  Austerity  chronic  sick  population  sickcare  demand  premature  ageing  GP  referral 
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Funding the NHS: Is it finally time for a new approach? - BBC News
A ring-fenced tax for health and social care has been resisted in the past by the Treasury. Such a policy is known by economists as hypothecation. Opponents, including Treasury mandarins, believe it ties the hands of chancellors.

But, intriguingly, a former top civil servant at the Treasury, Sir Nick Macpherson, has come out in favour of a ring-fenced tax which is renewed every five years.
NHS  hypothecation  Politics  Sugar  Tax  nudge  nanny  state  prevention  public  health  crisis  winter  Austerity  sickcare  demand  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  ageing  premature  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  healthcare  diet  lifestyle  self-medication  Alcohol  minimum  pricing  alcoholism  food  addiction  abuse  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking  adult  elderly  social  care  pension  scheme  obligation  disabled  DWP  mental 
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NHS shake-up is not a Trojan horse for privatisation, says top doctor | Society | The Guardian
accountable care organisations (ACOs).
Another body to control for quality, beyond CQC!? Tories already made CCGs accountable.
ACO  NHS  CCG  Politics  CQC  STP  Austerity  Privatisation  rationing  staff  crisis  sickcare  healthcare  demand  PFI  Council  ageing  demographic  bubble  population  premature  CEP  elderly  care  adult  social  Cancer  obesity  CVD  overweight  chronic  sick  waiting  times  bedblocking  bed  blocking  treatment  delay 
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50 per cent surge in Scottish patients being sent to rest of UK for specialist treatment
In a further sign of the increasing pressure on Scotland’s NHS, it also emerged that the number of prescriptions for dementia drugs das almost doubled in seven years.
NHS  sickcare  demand  premature  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  dementia  Alzheimer  chronic  sick  prevention  public  health  Cancer  CVD  obesity  overweight  S.A.D.  diet  lifestyle  western  self-medication  abuse  Alcohol  junk  food  alcoholism 
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Drunk tanks may become norm, NHS boss warns 'selfish' revellers - BBC News - Übergewicht in Deutschland WHO fordert Werbebeschränkung für Bier Immer mehr Erwachsene und Kinder sind viel zu dick. Neben mehr Bewegung und Sport fordert die Weltgesundheitsorganisation für Deutschland eine Regulierung von Werbung.
UK  alcoholism  self-medication  abuse  public  health  Austerity  NHS  chronic  sick  population  premature  ageing  binge  drinking  A&E  prevention  nudge  nanny  state 
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Early baldness higher heart disease risk factor than obesity, says study - BBC News
Male pattern baldness and premature greying are more of a risk factor for heart disease than obesity in men under 40, new research suggests.
CVD  chronic  stress  premature  ageing 
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Jeremy Hunt orders NHS England bosses to stick to waiting time limits | Society | The Guardian
Jeremy Hunt orders NHS England bosses to stick to waiting time limits
Health secretary swiftly rejects service chiefs’ public warning that meeting targets is impossible with current funding [...] In an unprecedented move reflecting a widening gulf with the government, NHS England used its board meeting to warn that it had to make “difficult choices” next year that would involve limiting what it could provide for patients. [ only providing basics life saving treatments - not life improvement treatments (elective surgery) ] [...] NHS England has also said it is unable to implement best practice as advised by Nice on a routine basis – an extraordinary state of affairs. We have now reached a point where the NHS constitution will be routinely breached and NHS services are being withdrawn.”
NHS  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Philip  Hammond  Theresa  May  budget2017  rationing  treatment  delay  waiting  times  CVD  Cancer  A&E  diabetes  overweight  obesity  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  healthcare  CCG  CEP  STP  GP  elective  surgery  OAP  disabled  bedblocking  bed  blocking  Council  Austerity  adult  social  care  elderly  NICE  patient  safety  CQC  mental  health 
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£1bn funding shortfall may force UK care homes to close, says watchdog | Society | The Guardian
Fees paid by cash-strapped councils fail to meet costs of caring for residents, according to Competition and Markets Authority [...] In its report into the £16bn care homes sector, which covers 410,000 residents and stretches across 11,300 homes, the CMA said “urgent action” was needed because the current regime was “not sustainable” without additional funding.

It suggested that people who paid for their own care were being asked to pay more than they should in order to subsidise council-funded residents.
Council  Austerity  social  adult  care  sickcare  ageing  population  chronic  sick  premature  bailout  bedblocking  bed  blocking  NHS  disabled  healthcare  rationing  CCG  GP  A&E  waiting  times  treatment  delay  UK  England  Scotland 
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Bluthochdruck: USA senken Richtwerte für Blutdruck - SPIEGEL ONLINE
see rose (chronic) sick population // Auch Paulus Kirchhof, Direktor des Instituts für Herz-Kreislauf-Wissenschaften an der britischen University of Birmingham, und ebenfalls Autor der europäischen Leitlinien, sieht jetzt sowohl die Ärzte als auch die Patienten in der Pflicht: "Viele Menschen könnten ihren Bluthochdruck senken, indem sie sich mehr bewegen, gesund essen, nicht rauchen, regelmäßig schlafen und wenig Alkohol trinken", sagt Kirchhof. "Ein solches Gespräch müssen Arzt und Patient führen, Medikamente sind nicht immer der richtige Weg." Im individuellen Fall müsse immer abwogen werden, ob das Herz-Kreislauf-Risiko größer sei oder die möglichen Nebenwirkungen einer medikamentösen Therapie.
CVD  high  blood  pressure  hypertension  Statins  Statin  evidence  based  medicine  big  pharma  pharmaceutical  public  health  chronic  sick  population  premature  ageing  sickcare  prevention  healthcare  GP  diet  lifestyle  S.A.D.  western  tobacco  alcohol  self-medication  addiction  food  obesity  Cancer  overweight  sedentary 
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