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Preload, prefetch and other <link> tags: what they do and when to use them
One way to improve web performance is to preload content you’ll need later in advance. Prefetch a CSS file, prerender a full page, or resolve a domain ahead of time – and you won’t have to wait for it when it’s actually needed! Browsers have a simple built-in way to do all these things. There’re five `<link rel>` tags that instruct the browser to preload something. Here’s what they each of them does and when to use them.
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april 2019 by spaceninja
Preload, prefetch and other <link> tags: what they do and when to use them
Article about link tags used to direct prefetching and similar operations.
prefetch  preload  link  html  webdev 
april 2019 by angusm

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