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These gaffes expose British politics’ real issue with race | Gary Younge | Opinion | The Guardian
Racism is not about politeness – it’s about power.

Words have meaning. Politicians have responsibilities. Racism is real. But because the media rarely call to talk about racial disparities in school exclusions, sentencing or poverty. Racism is a system of oppression rooted in history, politics, economics and culture. Our understanding of it should not be reduced to a litany of gaffes and flubs any more than it can be relegated to people shouting epithets and wielding baseball bats. These are the most glaring and dramatic manifestations of a broader, deeper problem – they should not be mistaken for the problem itself. Moreover, people have to the right to misspeak, be corrected, offer a proper apology and move on.

But over the past few weeks, the relentless parade of remarks, ranging from gauche to grotesque, suggests more than simply individual, off-the-cuff indiscretions. There is only so long one can keep talking about an isolated series of events before one must concede there may be a pattern. This return to the language of the 1970s, in which black people are “coloured” and Islamophobia is a matter for the Foreign Office, is moving in lockstep with the racial politics of the 1970s, with citizens being deported and non-white people considered foreign.
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Sol Campbell: 'There's a surprising, sad underbelly of abuse in football' - BBC Sport
The disturbing racial bias of The Greatest Dancer
Race-related issues have reared their head before on audience-controlled reality shows. Strictly Come Dancing, Big Brother and Love Island have all repeatedly pointed to the same result: that Britain has a clear preference, unconscious or otherwise, for caucasian contestants.
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Minority ethnic Britons face 'shocking' job discrimination | World news | The Guardian
Black Britons and those of south Asian origin face “shocking” discrimination in the labour market at levels unchanged since the late 1960s, research has found.

A study by experts based at the Centre for Social Investigation at Nuffield College, University of Oxford, found applicants from minority ethnic backgrounds had to send 80% more applications to get a positive response from an employer than a white person of British origin.

A linked study by the same researchers, comparing their results with similar field experiments dating back to 1969, found discrimination against black Britons and those of south Asian origin – particularly Pakistanis – unchanged over almost 50 years.
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