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Home - Museo Nacional y Centro de Investigación de Altamira - Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Menú Cerrar mnaltamira Visita Icono más menos para desplegar Horarios Localización Tarifas Compra de entradas Reserva de grupos Planos y folletos Accesibilidad…
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When Dize Does Matter – Bestiarum Vocabulum: Last Of The Earth's Giants – Design You Trust
Patrick Aryee is a biologist. After studying Cancer Biology at the University of Bristol, Patrick decided to pursue a career in wildlife filmmaking and was an integral crew member for a number of BBC productions.
animal  biology  prehistoric 
june 2018 by kogakure
Accueil - Grotte de Lombrives
Lombrives, la plus vaste grotte d'Europe, est l’un des sites le plus visité d'Ariège, un site préservé tel qu'il est depuis plusieurs milliers d'années.
archaeology  anthropology  prehistoric  caves  painting  history  art  culture  pyrenees  ariège  midi-pyrénées  occitanie  france 
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accueil | Les abris sculptés de la Préhistoire
Ressources | Préhistoric sculpted rock shelters. Abri de la Chaire-à-Calvin Vue prise de l'intérieur de l'abri sculpté de la Chaire-à-Calvin (Mouthiers-sur-Boëme, Charente). Cl. Philippe Plailly
archaeology  anthropology  prehistoric  sculpture  history  culture 
december 2017 by asaltydog
Crazy Jay Brewer #LivingTheDream Attracted By One Of His Largest Snakes | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Crazy Jay Brewer #LivingTheDream attracted by one of his largest snakes Jay Brewer knows what he’s doing, but does he really? Who else would let 60 feet and over 600lb and one of his largest snakes bite him! These are abnormally wild reticulated Pythons ? WOW that’s reality! Things do not always go right! What […]
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august 2017 by wotek
Never ride pillion on a T-Rex!

Tarzan of the Apes. Gold Key Comics, 1964.
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