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Life after miscarriage: 10 things to know |
Like all things that have to do with pregnancy, it's best to be informed. Among things people should know about a miscarriage. UW Medicine obstetrician Sarah Prager says women should not blame themselves.
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World's First Baby Born Via Uterus Transplant From Deceased Donor | HuffPost
> A woman in Brazil who was born without a uterus successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl in 2017 following the transplant, researchers said.
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Who can afford to get pregnant? IVF 'baby scholarships' raise a class issue | Life and style | The Guardian
According to patient-provided data aggregator FertilityIQ, the cost of a single round of IVF, including medications and genetic screening, has risen to around $20,700 in the US – nearly 34% of the median household income, although prices can be lower in some parts of the country and at a handful of clinics that offer a high-volume, lower-cost model. In Europe, the average price of an IVF cycle is $4,550 to $5,700, and most European countries fully fund or generously subsidize the procedure.
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Association of Assisted Reproductive Technologies With Arterial Hypertension During Adolescence - ScienceDirect
Vascular dysfunction in people conceived via IVF or intracytoplasmic sperm injection? Very small sample size.
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RT : Exposure to dirty air during and early can lead to a life sentence of illness. Read…
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Goldman Sachs Star Dismissed 15-Year Veteran on Maternity Leave - Bloomberg
Two years ago, Tania Mirchandani, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. vice president in Los Angeles, told her boss she was pregnant with her third child. He was skeptical she could balance a large family with her demanding job, she recalled. That’s “a lot of mouths to feed,” she quoted him as saying.

Tania MirchandaniSource: Tania Mirchandani
Mirchandani, a 15-year Goldman Sachs veteran, figured that her supervisor, of all people, would have understood her dilemma. John Mallory, then a Goldman partner and rising star overseeing wealth management for the West Coast, had four children of his own.

In October 2016, weeks before she was scheduled to return, Mallory called her with some bad news: She was out of a job. “I’m on maternity leave, John,’’ she remembered telling him, as she fought back tears.

Mirchandani detailed her dismissal in a 2017 gender discrimination complaint against Goldman -- a document only recently disclosed through a public-records request to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

In her complaint and an interview with Bloomberg, Mirchandani alleged that she lost her job because she took Goldman’s entire four-month paid family leave. In an arbitration proceeding still pending before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, she is seeking more than $1.5 million in damages.

only a quarter of a million women take paid maternity leave each month, a level that has remained essentially unchanged since the 1990s, according to a 2017 study by Boston University business school professor Jay Zagorsky.
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