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INDIVIDUAL RISK ATTITUDES: MEASUREMENT, DETERMINANTS, AND BEHAVIORAL CONSEQUENCES - Dohmen - 2011 - Journal of the European Economic Association - Wiley Online Library
"This paper studies risk attitudes using a large representative survey and a complementary experiment conducted with a representative subject pool in subjects' homes. Using a question asking people about their willingness to take risks “in general”, we find that gender, age, height, and parental background have an economically significant impact on willingness to take risks. The experiment confirms the behavioral validity of this measure, using paid lottery choices. Turning to other questions about risk attitudes in specific contexts, we find similar results on the determinants of risk attitudes, and also shed light on the deeper question of stability of risk attitudes across contexts. We conduct a horse race of the ability of different measures to explain risky behaviors such as holdings stocks, occupational choice, and smoking. The question about risk taking in general generates the best all‐round predictor of risky behavior."
risk-aversion  risk-and-time  thomas.dohmen  armin.falk  david.huffman  uwe.sunde  jurgen.schupp  gert.wagner  economics  JEEA  to:read  preferences 
6 days ago by MarcK
If You Liked This, Sure to Love That - Winning the Netflix Prize - The New York Times
Basement hackers and amateur mathematicians are competing to improve the program that Netflix uses to recommend DVDs — and to win $1 million in the process.

The problem of preference is that it's largely personal and often illogical.

I like David Lynch's Dune because I think the movie is an underrated campy classic.
I otherwise despise Lynch and am medium on Kyle MacLachlan.
Most unweighted recommenders are going to suggest I'll also like Eraserhead and Showgirls.

I also find it interesting that most of the recommenders focus on TV and Movies.
Precious few really look at Books, Comics, or Music.
recommenders  machine.learning  netflix  algorithms  retail  ratings  movies  merchandizing  taste.making  preferences 
25 days ago by po
Printable cards for communicating dietary restrictions in Japan | JustHungry
If you have any dietary restrictions, communicating them clearly can be an issue, especially when you don't speak the language. Here are a selection of print-and-cut sheets to bring along with you when you travel to Japan.
japan  food  allergy  cards  translation  preferences  vegetarian 
7 weeks ago by fjordaan
Set User Info to Brand Your Comments in Word – SciEditor
“Use your business name or moniker if your name is long, like mine, or to remind the team of your business name every time they see one of your comments. Repetition is key to branding and to marketing.

“There are three reasons that setting the user name goes wrong:

“• It only works from this point forward. So it won’t change the ‘Author’ tag on any existing changes. This is handy if you want to preserve others’ changes, but annoying if you only remember to change the name in the middle of your work.
“• The computer’s log in name will be used unless you check the little tick box below the field you entered your name in. You can see the ‘Always use this name/these values regardless of [how I’m] sign[ed] in to Office’ box in the screen grabs above in this post. The wording is slightly different on each operating system just to irk editors.
“• The file is set to ‘remove personal info from this file on save.’ That’s handy for dropping time stamps, but will completely scupper attempts to keep several reviewers’ input separate or to brand your work with your name. More on that in another post.”
word  username  settings  preferences  editing  scieditor  catchthesun  2019 
12 weeks ago by handcoding
Twitter @chrismessina This is how I expect most barebones sites to implement GDPR compliance
This is how I expect most barebones sites to implement GDPR compliance... the language in this header is not bad: "Make 3rd-Party Advertising Relevant",
GDPR  preferences  chrismessina  from twitter_favs
november 2018 by fjordaan

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