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Blippar collapses amid investor dispute, fires all staff | Mobile Marketer
Despite the difficulties, the AR industry is forecast to have plenty of market potential. Worldwide spending on AR and virtual reality (VR) will grow 68.8% from this year to about $20.4 billion in 2019, according to estimates from the International Data Corporation. The most popular commercial uses for AR/VR technology next year will be training ($1.8 billion), online retail showcasing ($558 million) and industrial maintenance ($413 million). The industries that will spend the most on AR/VR next year are personal and consumer services ($1.6 billion), retail ($1.56 billion) and discrete manufacturing ($1.54 billion), IDC estimated.
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Kids in 1904 Had Wild Predictions About the Future of 2019
What did kids from the year 1904 think would happen by the year 1919 or even the year 2019? They imagined fancy airships in the sky, “automobiles for everything,” and wondrous house-cleaning robots. They even imagined trips to Mars by the year 1919. Seriously.
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Kantar unveils predictions for 2019 media landscape - Kantar
1. Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will resolve the integrated online/offline return on marketing investment dilemma.
2. Voice technology will break through in creative planning and the marketing mix.
3. Chinese leadership in social media and social media analytics will be ‘fast-followed’ by the west.
4. The emergence of the ‘branded experience network’ will transform media management in to ‘internet of everything’ management.
5. Brands will start to take the portrayal of women in advertising seriously.
6. Amazon will emerge from the advertising world ‘shadows’ to make the duopoly an triopoly.
7. Vertical video will lead the way in creativity.
8. The big screen will make a comeback, bigger and better than before.
9. Attitudinal insights combined with predictive modelling will make programmatic buying more agile and accurate.
10. Influencer marketing strategies will pivot to prioritise credibility ahead of reach.
11. GDPR compliance will drive more sophistication in brand data strategies.
12. Augmented Reality (AR) will start to shape both the consumer journey and customer experience.
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