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7 Tough Legal Lessons for Crypto Entrepreneurs - CoinDesk
Useful while tongue in cheek: Key #legal #pitfalls that sloppy #cryptocurrency #entrepreneurs fall into (Switzerland won't save you)
ICO  crypto  currency  bitcoin  switzerland  case  lawsuit  court  review  analysis  prediction  entrepreneur  legal  structure  q1  2018  blockchain  startup  fraud  procedure 
2 days ago by csrollyson
U.S. 2018 elections 'under attack' by Russia: U.S. intelligence chief
Easy prediction: Why wouldn’t #Russia use a core #competency when it’s increasing effective? #Election #meddling
prediction  Speculation  russia  usa  election  Q1  2018  midterm  trump  cyber  war  fbi  intelligence  comparison  germany 
5 days ago by csrollyson
Self driving cars and beyond | Hacker News
It’s great to explore this topic. You can have a lot of fun in picking a random industry and imagining the effect that self driving will have.
Health - beyond the obvious effects on the emergency room, what else? Ambulances willl quite clearly be affected. Why would someone wait minutes for one to arrive when they can just hop in an autocar to go the hospital? Or would the entire emergency room itself be on wheels? (Less likely.)

Will seniors stay at home for longer? Absolutely. How will this affect the need for aged care nurses? Will their doctors come to them?

But we can go even deeper. How will autocars affect people’s desire to exercise? Will more people ride bikes as a result of the increased safety of the roads?

Education - at first glance, it’s hard to see. But this is the one I’m currently most excited about. Primary and high school education are both built on cars - we just don’t realise it, but a crucial underpinning factor for parents using a local school is its convenience for them in dropping their kids off and picking them up. When that goes away, what happens next?

The demand for better public high schools will explode as the friction in going to a high school 25 minutes away in an awkward direction evaporates...

This makes for much more fertile territory for new schooling concepts - if I want to start a new kind of high school, one where the kids spend a bit of time each day tending to farm animals or perhaps studying entrepreneurship, it now becomes 10x easier to build critical mass. And given how much people care about their kids educations, I expect the movements in this space to be highly disruptive.

Those are two. On health, I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Then there is - tourism - logistics - distribution (imagine Amazon’s FBA on steroids) - housing (what happens to all those garages? Do we build shipping-container sizes homes that fold it wherever they park?)

The best way to understand the depth of the upcoming changes is to pick a seemingly unrelated industry and explore how current car-related assumptions underpin it. It becomes clear, to me, that the internet of vehicles will be even more disruptive then the internet itself.
cars  car  self-driving  ml  ai  future  prediction 
7 days ago by hellsten
When will the world reach 'peak child'? - Our World in Data
This blog post draws on data and research discussed in our entry on Future World Population Growth.
world  population  education  birth  death  rate  forecast  prediction 
7 days ago by floehopper

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