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US navy secretary warns of ‘fragile’ supply chain
November 4, 2019 | Financial Times | by Peter Spiegel and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in New York.

Richard Spencer says America is at risk of relying on China and Russia for critical warship components.....many contractors are reliant on single suppliers for certain high-tech and high-precision parts, increasing the likelihood they would have to be procured from geostrategic rivals.......moreover, China (Beijing) was trying to “weaponize capital” through its Belt and Road Initiative whereby Beijing offers developing countries “loan to own” debt that they could not pay back in order to gain leverage over critical assets.....efforts to improve the domestic supply chain have been hampered by repeated government shutdowns and haphazard federal budgeting in recent years......undermining the ability to convince domestic suppliers that there will be a steady stream of business for them if they invest in building out their manufacturing capabilities......the Secretary of the U.S. Navy has recently launched a “trusted capital” programme whereby large private equity firms are invited to bid on failing or non-existent supply needs in areas from ship maintenance to weapons manufacturing.
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2019 Public Affairs Agencies of the Year, North America | Holmes Report
The Holmes Report's selections for 2019 North America PR Agencies of the Year, across specialist and size categories.
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Gilead Duped Me into Being Their Mouthpiece. Here’s How. - My Fabulous Disease
The insidious nature of pharma influence on our HIV/AIDS leadership is made crytstal clear. How do we keep them from exploiting us?
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[1810.08635] Population and Empirical PR Curves for Assessment of Ranking Algorithms
The ROC curve is widely used to assess the quality of prediction/classification/ranking algorithms, and its properties have been extensively studied. The precision-recall (PR) curve has become the de facto replacement for the ROC curve in the presence of imbalance, namely where one class is far more likely than the other class. While the PR and ROC curves tend to be used interchangeably, they have some very different properties. Properties of the PR curve are the focus of this paper. We consider: (1) population PR curves, where complete distributional assumptions are specified for scores from both classes; and (2) empirical estimators of the PR curve, where we observe scores and no distributional assumptions are made. The properties have direct consequence on how the PR curve should, and should not, be used. For example, the empirical PR curve is not consistent when scores in the class of primary interest come from discrete distributions. On the other hand, a normal approximation can fit quite well for points on the empirical PR curve from continuously-defined scores, but convergence can be heavily influenced by the distributional setting, the amount of imbalance, and the point of interest on the PR curve.
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