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Code Janitor: nobody's dream, everyone's job (and how Erlang can help)
Note how OTP principles go a long way towards ensuring code is easy to manage, and also the nitpicks about Erlang proper (no multi-versions in same VM, no namespacing)
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8 Questions for Assessing Your Website
5. Am I speaking to client/customer needs?
Sometimes businesses get stuck using industry jargon or flowery language, and that means more work for the client to decide if you’re right for them.

Action step -- Review your blog, services pages and newsletter opt-in incentives. Ask yourself if you are clearly identifying, in the client or customer’s words, what they struggle with or need help with. 

6. Am I articulating the solutions that I provide?
A lot of businesses get so focused on putting up “Buy now” buttons that they forget to clearly communicate what the customer is specifically looking for -- a solution. If I have a sink of dirty dishes, my solution is having clean dishes in less time and with less stress. Speak to the solutions the customer desires, instead of inundating them with “Buy now” language.

Action step -- Review your website, keeping an eye out for where you can speak to the customer or client’s desired solutions.

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7. Are there multiple ways for customers to engage?
If someone’s only option for engaging with your work is to hire you or buy something, you’re limiting their long-term interactions with your business. Give them reasons to hang out with you for awhil
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