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Kubernetes Best Practices — Season One – Google Cloud Platform - Community – Medium
Kubernetes is complicated, and is getting more complicated each day. If you are getting started with Kubernetes or if you have been running it in production for a while, its hard to keep up with the…
kubernetes  bestpractices  best-practices  best  practices 
5 days ago by pinterb
Conference Attendee Tips — Illustrated Journaling, Golden Age mysteries, Boat Shows and More
" Download the conference’s app and learn how to use it. Increasingly, this is the only way to know what’s going on, and the best of these apps support your networking goals, plug you into the best parties, offer suggestions on what sessions may be of greatest interest, etc."
trends  &  concepts  best  practices  hr  tech  conference  ksaocs  life  after  hrtech  naomi's  speaking  engagements  travel  vendor  briefings  demos  workday 
7 days ago by jonerp
Methodology / BEM
Methodology for structuring CSS based on classes.
WebDev  CSS  Practices 
20 days ago by rn1d
Getting Started with Mob Programming | AgileConnection
Mob programming is a software development approach where the whole team works on the same thing at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer. Collaborating like this can have great benefits for everyone involved. Here, Woody Zuill details some practices his team uses to make this collaboration work for them.
mob_programming  mob  programming  xp  scrum  techniques  process  agile  software  development  team  practices 
21 days ago by eeichinger
mysql - Best practices for SQL varchar column length - Stack Overflow
You should see the max length provided for a VARCHAR column as a kind of constraint (or business rule) rather than a technical/physical thing.
database  design  best  practices  setting  field  size  varchar 
25 days ago by ritzlea

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