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Practice having thoughtful conversations about code.
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yesterday by xer0x
norvig/pytudes: Python programs to practice or demonstrate skills.
pytudes - Python programs to practice or demonstrate skills.
yesterday by moon6pence
Chopin could be a vicious bastard when he wanted to be...
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2 days ago by dalcrose
@matiaskorhonen You could start with @kytrinyx 's which has an Elixir problem to solve.
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3 days ago by Athanos
From Code Cowboy to Infrastructure Architect: 5 Things I wish I’d known as a developer
5 Things I wish I’d known as a developerThere’s a difference between understanding how to write an app, and understanding the infrastructure that works underneath it. When I transitioned from a developer to an SRE (site reliability engineer) this year, and saw how distributed systems worked at an actual company, it really changed the way I thought about writing code.When you’re doing software development exclusively you’re not thinking about how it’s going to be held up. When I deplo...
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9 days ago by xer0x

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