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Watch Your Hack - a manual to protect you against hackers
This manual explains how to protect yourself from hackers, in layman’s terms. Six professional hackers 👨‍💻 helped create this guide.
security  privacy  tools  guide  practical 
4 days ago by cataspanglish
Aspect Ratio Cells with CSS Grid Layout by Michelle Barker on CodePen
I found myself recently building a layout in CSS Grid that would have previously needed JavaScript in order to work. It’s a layout based on equal sized square grid cells, where grid items could span one or two cells on the row and/or column axis. In other words, the grid cells needed to maintain an aspect ratio
css  grid  layout  practical  examples  aspect-ratios 
11 days ago by abberdab
data-8 - The UC Berkeley Foundations of Data Science
Combines inferential thinking, computational thinking, and real-world relevance.
course  data-science  programming  data-analysis  introduction  practical 
12 days ago by mjlassila
the grugq on Twitter: "WhiteHouse OPSEC: two iPhones, one for calls only, one for Twitter only. Historical norm is for officials to turn over their phones on a monthly basis for analysis and replacement. Trump hasn’t bothered for 5 months because “too
WhiteHouse OPSEC: two iPhones, one for calls only, one for Twitter only. Historical norm is for officials to turn over their phones on a monthly basis for analysis and replacement. Trump hasn’t bothered for 5 months because “too inconvenient” #OPSECfail
tweet  @thegrugq  opsec  #fail  #OPSECfail  phones  mobile  security  practical  Trump  Whitehouse  twitter  social_media  social_networks 
4 weeks ago by cataspanglish
7 Practical Uses for Dry Ice
Dry ice is a completely unique material effective for many practical uses.
dry-ice  practical  uses 
6 weeks ago by Adventure_Web
The Best Exercise There Is, Hands Down | Mark's Daily Apple
Do you secretly like "best" lists? Mark's answer to the #best #workout will probably surprise you #paleo #fitness #commhealth
practical  workout  advice  exercise  exceptionalpaleo  primal  fitness  humor 
8 weeks ago by csrollyson
Non-tech businesses are beginning to use artificial intelligence at scale - GrAIt expectations
“Prospective borrowers answer questions about their income and plans for repayment by video, which monitors around 50 tiny facial expressions to determine whether they are telling the truth”

“Johnson & Johnson, a consumer-goods firm, and Accenture, a consultancy, use AI to sort through job applications and pick the best candidates”

“Bloomberg, a media and financial-information firm, uses AI to scan companies’ earnings releases and automatically generate news articles.”

“Vodafone, a mobile operator, can predict problems with its network and with users’ devices before they arise.”

“Companies in every industry use AI to monitor cyber-security threats and other risks, such as disgruntled employees.”

“Leroy Merlin, a French home-improvement retailer, managers used to order new stock on Fridays, but defaulted to the same items as the week before so they could start their weekend sooner. The firm now uses algorithms to take in past sales data and other information that could affect sales, such as weather forecasts, in order to stock shelves more effectively. That has helped it reduce its inventory by 8% even as sales have risen by 2%”

“One of AI’s main effects will be a dramatic drop in the cost of making predictions, says Ajay Agrawal of the University of Toronto and co-author of a new book, “Prediction Machines”. Just as electricity made lighting much more affordable—a given level of lighting now costs around 400 times less than it did in 1800—so AI will make forecasting more affordable, reliable and widely available.”

“Amazon, for example, uses AI widely, for tasks such as guiding robots in its warehouses and optimising packing and delivery, as well as detecting counterfeit goods and powering its speaker, Alexa.”

“Some may have been misled by glowing media reports, believing AI to be a magic wand that can be installed as easily as a piece of Microsoft software”
applications  Reference  vertical  chinese  industry  ai  verticals  China  article  ML  insurance  examples  practical  example 
11 weeks ago by lmjabreu

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