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RT : Adbank co-founders & will be speaking in Prague tomorrow on & .…
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2 days ago by randyhilarski
"Newsrooms are lazy and media owners are cheap" - Tech News TT
Best practice? Send the entire unedited video of the speech/event via digital download with notes on what times on the clip hold newsworthy/soundbite potential for faster scrubbing through the media. Double points for providing transcripts of those parts of the video or audio clip.
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5 days ago by elrob
America now has nearly 5 PR people for every reporter, double the rate from a decade ago
the gap in pay between flacks and hacks has nearly tripled from about $6,200 to nearly $15,000 in just 15 years. That means over a career of 20 years, the average PR person will make about $300,000 more than the typical reporter
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5 days ago by yorksranter
WARC 100 finds PR baked into best campaigns | WARC
The past year has seen an increase in the use of word-of-mouth marketing and public relations in the mix, both versus last year’s WARC 100 (45% vs 38%) and overindexing compared to the rest of the cases published (45% vs 26%).

Half of the campaigns in the top 10 used PR to great effect
6 days ago by JohnDrake
RT : More hashtags:

= OwnVoices
= People of Color
= Paranormal
= Romantic Comedy
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7 days ago by angelajames
PR Agencies Need to Be More Diverse and Inclusive. Here’s How to Start. | HBR
- starting points but nowhere near the whole formula. Angela has written an interesting article, but misses so many other data points. That PR degree courses are often 90+% female graduates and that the industry does really poorly at retaining older (40+ year old) staff. In the UK PR agencies struggle to attract graduates from working class backgrounds as well as from minority communities (paywall)
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12 days ago by renaissancechambara
Congratulations - our strategic partner has won the xpert.award in the category
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12 days ago by p3k

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