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Slow downloads from ppa.launchpad.net - Bug Reports - CircleCI Community Discussion
Since a few days, downloading ppa packages during the build is really slow.
ubuntu  ppa  slow  perf 
6 weeks ago by vielmetti
Installing headless chrome on Ubuntu.
Shows how one might add the Chromium Browser (headless) apt repository to Ubuntu.
github  gist  script  shell  bash  howto  example  add  chromium  chrome  headless  browser  ppa  apt  repository  linux  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  ubuntu18.04  guide  reference 
november 2018 by racl101
Power-Purchase Setback for Burrillville Power Plant — ecoRI News
The proposed Burrillville power plant was dealt a serious setback that was announced during the Sept. 20 Energy Facilities Siting Board hearing for the fossil-fuel project. But the developer, Chicago-based Invenergy Thermal Development, insists the matter won’t slow its plans to build the $1 billion project.
ecoRInews  Burrillville  ppa 
september 2018 by eversourcenh

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